Provide sluggish calves a boost with our Newborn/Weak Calf Protocol


Calving difficulty, cold or extreme weather conditions, disease, or management changes can all result in a calf needing an extra boost in energy to help them return to normal function and appetite. 


STEP 1: Give calves a boost

Immediately provide Calf Perk® to the depressed or weak calf to help increase its ability to stand and its suckle reflex. Calf Perk contains an all-natural, fast-acting source of energy to increase body temperature and respiratory rates. 

Protocol Use: Squeeze entire contents of tube on the back of the calf’s tongue. Repeat once 30 minutes later if calf is still lethargic. 

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STEP 2: Rehydration, electrolytes, and nutrients

Harsh weather, vaccinations, and disease challenges elevate calves’ nutrient requirements and suppress their appetite. Calf Restart One-4® is more than an electrolyte, it fuels calves with amino acids, plasma proteins, and beneficial bacteria in an easy-to-digest milk base. 

Protocol Use: Drench with ready-to-use 5 oz. bottle. Mix 5 oz. of powder with 8-12 oz. of warm water and provide as a drench. Mix 5 oz. of powder with milk, milk replacer or water and feed to calf. 


For calves that show persistent periods of lethargy or metabolic acidosis, offer BlueLite® ReplenishM. This is a high-quality calf electrolyte formulated based on a university calf health expert’s requirements for: amino acids, sodium concentration, osmolarity and preferred buffering agents, acetate and propionate. 


Protocol Use: Add 4 oz. of BlueLite ReplenishM to 2 quarts of water and feed to calf in between milk feedings or immediately if signs of dehydration are present. Provide 1-2 times/day for 2 consecutive days as needed. 

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