Propylene Advantage is an energy supplement for use in dairy cows.

During the transition period, feeding and management are critical factors for cows, and can affect milk production throughout lactation. Early in lactation, metabolic disorders such as ketosis and milk fever can develop. Supplying extra energy during this crucial transition period will benefit the energy balance of dairy cows, helping to prevent some of these metabolic stressors. Propylene Advantage provides that extra energy needed and has comparative benefits to propylene glycol. 

When to Use: 

  • Supplies energy to transition cows quickly
  • Anytime an off-feed event occurs
  • Supportive therapy for cows at risk of ketosis
Propylene Advantage for Dairy cows
“We have a very low DA rate and we have less than 4% metritis rate, we are very happy with how Propylene Advantage has helped reduce our fresh cow diseases during the difficult calving time.”

-Patty Dolph, Dolph Dairy

Key Benefits

  • Beneficial alternative to propylene glycol
  • Supplies supplemental energy
  • Contains two sources of glucose precursors
  • More palatable (sweet taste) when compared to propylene glycol
  • Glycerin has been shown to stimulate appetite
  • Propylene Advantage is the economical choice for supplemental energy
Propylene Advantage key benefits
Propylene Advantage for dairy cows

Directions For Use

For Dairy Cows:
Use product as a drench, by giving 6-16 ounces per head per day for up to 10 days, when dairy cows require an energy supplement after calving.

Propylene Advantage


Provide extra energy when cows need it most.

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