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Calf PreRD® contains a source of live naturally occurring probiotics for use in calves.

Calf PreRD® establishes the microbiome to promote rumen development and gut integrity at a younger age. Packed with DFMs (direct-fed microbials), Calf PreRD uses probiotics to help maintain a more desirable digestive environment, in turn helping to stave off pathogens and aid in nutrient utilization. Calf PreRD is an effective way to help calves to ease the transition to dry feed with less digestive disruption.

When to Use: 

  • To help support rumen development
  • During the transition to dry feed
  • Maintain digestive health
  • To supplement the digestive system with healthy bacteria
  • During the transition to a group pen


  • When earlier starter intake is desired
  • Following scours challenge
  • Prior to weaning
Calf PreRD is designed to help with dry feed intake at an earlier age.

Key Benefits

  • Combination of probiotics and DFMs to populate the gut providing competitive exclusion of pathogenic bacteria
  • Includes antioxidants to encourage a health immune system
  • Calf PreRD is compatible to mix with milk replacer, milk, or water
  • Promotes faster rumen development
BlueLite C for beef calves
Calf PreRD calves

Directions For Use

Mix Calf PreRD with milk, milk replacer or water. Use at a rate of 4 grams (one scoop) per head per day.

For large volume feeding, mix 400 grams with 50 gallons (190 liters) of milk or milk replacer to get the desired intake of 4 grams.

Calf PreRD for Beef Calves


Daily direct fed microbials for improved immunity and performance.

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