A hydration and energy supplement for pigs of all ages.


Nextein APF® (Animal Protein Free) is a Nutrient Dense Liquid that contains electrolytes, functional proteins and energy to provide pigs support when they need it most. This product has been formulated for optimal osmolarity for each application use allowing the essential nutrients contained in Nextein APF to be more easily absorbed and quickly utilized. 

When to Use
  • At weaning
  • During off feed events
  • Transported pigs
  • During times of dehydration
  • Enteric challenges on older pigs
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There are three key components for getting baby pigs off to a fast start and we refer to these as our 3E platform – consisting of Environment, Enrichment and Encouragement.
3E Step 1 Environment
Enrichment 3E step 2
3E Step 3 Encourage
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Nextein APF is an easy to use, stock solution that provides pigs functional proteins and electrolytes during challenging events such as weaning, transport, and more.

Key Benefits
  • Biologically active (functional) proteins derived from an animal protein free (APF) source
  • Multiple applications to reduce number of products needed on farm
  • Formulated specifically to address gut integrity issues of stressed pigs
  • Superior water transport compared to dry powder supplements
  • Highly palatable – can be used in proportioners and in gruel applications
  • Ready to use Nutrient Dense Liquid stock solution. No diluting necessary for proportioners.
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Directions For Use

Pre-Weaned Pig

Days 2-8 of age: Mix 5 fl. oz. (2/3 cup, 147 mL) per gallon of water.  Feed 2 cups (473 mL) of this solution per litter once a day in a pan.

Weaned and Older Pig

Water: Provide Nextein APF at the rate of 1 fl. oz. (30 mL) of product per 1 gallon (3.78 L) of drinking water using a 1:128 proportioner for 2 days after weaning.

Gruel: Mix 5 fl. oz. (148 mL) (2/3 cup) of Nextein APF per gallon (3.78 L) of water. Pour this solution onto feed in trough or pan to create a gruel mixture with consistency of pancake batter. Provide gruel mixture at the rate of 1 gallon per 25 pigs. Adjust gruel amount as needed so all is consumed in 30 minutes.

Nextein APF


Provide pigs hydration with electrolytes, energy and functional proteins


Sold as case of 2 x 25 lb Jugs

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