BlueLite® C for Calves is an acidified electrolyte supplement providing oral hydration support to
pre-weaned calves.

BlueLite® C is an electrolyte with multiple energy sources and acidification that can be given to help rehydrate calves and to promote a healthy gut. BlueLite C can be administered with milk, milk replacer or water to enhance digestion, and has been proven an effective and easy way to ensure that young calves maintain hydration. Rely on the proven success of BlueLite C to provide readily digestible energy and electrolytes any time hydration support is needed.


BlueLite C also comes in a convenient liquid form.


When to Use: 

  • To encourage water intake and maintain hydration
  • For rehydration of transported calves
  • To encourage hydration during periods of stress
  • To promote clot formation of milk nutrients to help utilization of milk solids
  • To enhance digestion and optimize nutrient utilization
  • Add to water during the summer and winter months for added energy
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“We like to use BlueLite C for our calves when they are experiencing stress, maybe it’s a pen move or a weather change.”

-Sarah Lenkaitis, Lenkaitis Farms

Key Benefits

  • Provides electrolytes energy in a simple digestible form
  • Helps support healthy immune system development in calves
  • Acidified to enhance milk digestion
  • BlueLite C can be added to whole milk, milk replacer, or water and used via drench or esophageal feeder
  • Liquid BlueLite C is easy to use with no stirring required
  • Liquid BlueLite C contains key amino acids to facilitate nutrient absorption
  • Liquid BlueLite C has chelated zinc which promotes intestinal integrity
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Directions For Use

For dehydrated calves provide 2 oz of BlueLite C into 2 quarts of warm water. Additionally, BlueLite C can be provided to milk or milk replacer to provide further hydration support.

Caution: Calves showing symptoms of coma, shock or that are too weak to stand should be treated as directed by a veterinarian.

Mix 2 ounces of product in 2 quarts of water. Give 2 to 3 servings per day. Repeat as necessary.

BlueLite C for Calves


Provide calves hydration with electrolytes, acidification and energy.

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