Use Bovine BlueLite® to help your cows Rehydrate. Recover. Perform.


Hydration is the key component for health and profitability. An easy-to-administer electrolyte, Bovine BlueLite® is very palatable, buffered, and provides added energy sources and vitamins needed during periods of dehydration and other health challenges. Bovine BlueLite is the only electrolyte available on the market that is also available in a ready to use pelleted form.  Bovine BlueLite Pellets facilitate and enhance thermal regulation.  Stimulating cooling mechanisms and impacting nutrient utilization during heat stress improves dry matter intake, feed efficiency and average daily gain.  Add Bovine BlueLite to the ration, top dress or mix in the water to help provide essential hydration support, to help improve carcass quality and shrink reduction. 

Bovine BlueLite comes in the convenient forms of powder and pellets!  

When to Use
  • For starting feedlot cattle
  • At arrival to the yard
  • During hot weather and for heat stress
  • In hospital pen
  • Following coccidiosis break
  • Following weaning
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“We went off Bovine BlueLite Pellets to see what would happen and we lost 5lbs of milk, we went back on 3-4 days later and gained about 90% of that back.”
-Chad Craun, Davis Bros Dairy

Key Benefits


  • Very palatable to help boost water intake
  • Specifically designed to combat shrink and guard against dehydration by maintaining body fluids and encouraging water intak
  • Can be added to water or top dressed for cattle of any age
  • Replenishes electrolyte balance 
  • Helps improved dry matter intake


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Directions For Use

Use product in the feed, water, or as a drench, at a rate that provides  approximately 2 ounces per head per day as long as animals require.

Feed Use: Top dress or add to a total mixed ration at a rate that supplies 2 ounces per head per day.

Water Use:

  • Drench Use: Use as a drench suspension by mixing 2 ounces with 5 gallons of warm water. Do not drench cows that are down or struggle excessively with fluids or gels as their swallowing reflexes may be impaired.
  • Water tank use: Add 1 pound of product to each 64 gallons of drinking water.

Top dress, or mix into the ration to provide 4 to 8 ounces per head per day during hot weather, or anytime dehydration is a risk.

Feed 1 pound per head per day, for 2 days, to cattle about to be shipped, or newly received.

Show cattle feed 4 to 8 ounces per head per day for 1 week before transport and 2 days after returning.

At receiving or during times of mild stress and environmental challenges feed 1 oz. per head per day to provide 2.5 Billion CFU/oz of beneficial bacteria. During periods of severe stress and environmental challenges feed 2 oz. per head per day to provide 5 Billion CFU/oz of beneficial bacteria. Apply 1-2 oz. per head to stock tank. One 6.25 lb bag will provide enough BlueLite for 100 head of cattle at a 1 oz. consumption rate or 50 head at 2 oz. consumption rate.