Fresh Cow YMCP® is a fresh cow supplement featuring yeast, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and niacin for the transition into lactation.


All dairy cows face significant health challenges and compromised immunity following freshening. Fresh Cow YMCP®, a global brand, is the total fresh cow product. For quicker recovery, to get back on feed faster and improve milk production, cows require more than just calcium. Fresh Cow YMCP delivers vital nutrients including live yeast, magnesium, potassium and more, in an efficient, easy-to-use application.


Fresh Cow YMCP comes in the convenient forms of powder, paste and capsules!  YMCP is also available in a bolus form as YMCP Vitall.


When to Use:

  • Immediately post-calving to support the transition into lactation for all cows
  • For all fresh cows, to help boost intakes
  • For post-surgery and other stress events
  • To promote peak milk production
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“One of the nicest features about YMCP is that you do not need to worry about whether it gets in the cow or not.”

-Kevin Cornett, Sweetwater Valley Farms

Key Benefits

  • Available in three convenient, easy-to-use forms; capsules, paste or our original dry powder formula
  • Contains live yeast and other nutrients to get cows on feed faster
  • Provides key nutrient and probiotics to enhance rumen health and intestinal integrity
  • Includes multiple sources of calcium
  • Provides nutrients essential to help promote peak milk while addressing metabolic disorders
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Directions For Use

Provide one pound of Fresh Cow YMCP immediately after calving.

Free Choice Use: Mix 1 pound of Fresh Cow YMCP into 8-10 gallons of warm water.  Allow cows to drink free choice.

Drench Use: Mix 1 pound of Fresh Cow YMCP in up to 5 gallons of warm water.  Drench suspension slowly to permit swallowing or pump directly into rumen. Do not drench non-ambulatory cows or those that struggle excessively with fluids or pastes. 

The use of the product for additional days following calving may be warranted at certain times.  Consult your veterinarian or TechMix representative for questions. 

Give entire contents of tube to fresh cow shortly after calving and repeat 12-24 hours later. Place tube in a dosing gun remove the cap, and dispense contents into the back of the cow’s mouth while holding the head in an elevated position. Give time for the animal to swallow. Can also be used as a follow-up to intravenous calcium therapy. Do not use in cows which are unable to swallow.

Give 6 capsules to each cow post-calving. Hold animal’s head upright and open mouth. Using capsule forceps, balling gun, or other effective means, place the capsules down the animal’s throat.
Have free choice water available at all times.

Post-freshening Recovery

Fresh Cow YMCP


Support nutrient & hydration recovery for fresh cows with Fresh Cow YMCP.

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