Mo’Milk® is a concentrated natural laxative for sows, gilts and boars.

When sows, gilts and boars are experiencing stress, they often suffer from constipation and reduced feed intake.  In sows and gilts this can occur both pre-farrowing and post-farrowing while in boars this can occur during any time of stress. Provide Mo’Milk® to stimulate feed intake and to naturally ease constipation and reduce associated complications. Mo’Milk provides extra nutrient fortification, electrolytes, and natural laxative action to help a sow, gilt or boar resume eating and achieve maximum lactation.

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Mo’Milk is available as a feed mix or top-dress. 

When to Use: 

  • For sows and gilts to help naturally soften stool
  • To support feed intake due to impaired digestion
  • Use in the gestating-farrowing-lactation ration until pigs are weaned
  • After farrowing, feed for three or four days, or for as long as signs of constipation exist
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Mo’Milk is highly palatable and can be added in the feed mixer or sprinkled on top of feed for your convenience.

Key Benefits

  • Utilizes psyllium’s natural laxative properties
  • Is highly palatable and readily consumed
  • Mo’Milk softens stools without the harsh action of many chemical laxatives
  • Promotes natural gut health
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Directions For Use

Mo’Milk Feed Mix can be batch mixed at a rate of 8 pounds (3.6 kg) per ton.  

Pre-farrowing: for best results feed to sow or gilt 14-21 days prior to farrowing.

Whole herd/pen feeding: feed to pens or animals as needed when constipation is evident

Top dress 1 scoopful (approximately 4 ounces) of Mo’Milk Top Dress on top of the or feed in the trough

Feed Mo’Milk Top Dress to sows, gilts or boars, for 3 -4 feedings, following pen movement or transportation

Mo’ Milk


Help prevent constipation in sows and gilts.

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