Goat BlueLite


Goat BlueLite


•  Rehydration product that helps keep goats energized and healthy
•  Combats the loss of fluids at freshening by re-establishing a positive energy balance
•  Helps to rehydrate during times of stress to maintain normal body fluid and electrolyte balance
•  A high potassium electrolyte for quick replacement
•  Highly palatable and fortified to combat dehydration
•  Contains multiple energy sources
Topdress on feed at a rate of 1/2 ounce per head per day.

For water use, mix 1 ounce per four gallons of water.


Goat BlueLite testimonial - J Haven LaManchas

"I have used numerous electrolyte products over the past 20 years, some worked better than others — but the goats never really loved any of them, they just choose to drink them better than the off-tasting water at shows. 
I heard about BlueLite at the 2010 ADGA National show and I decided to give it a try. At first I used it mostly at shows, then I started using it in my trailer on the way to shows and on the way to the 2011 and 2012 National which were both a 24-hour drive. The does never skipped a beat and looked great when we arrived in both Massachusetts and Colorado. 
When I got home in 2012 from nationals I thought why am I not giving them this at home? So I started out with a couple 5 gallon buckets once a day, then went to twice a day. 
When both buckets were gone almost immediately I decided to do a comparison on which water they preferred. I offered two buckets of BlueLite and one bucket of water.
The goats drank 5 times as much Bluelite…
So I switched my 5-gallon buckets to a 16-gallon tube and in 2014 I started giving them the BlueLite all day every day throughout the year. 
What I have noticed is that my herd is so much healthier and my vet bills from medication purchases decreased by half. I have used just about all of the TechMix products and have loved them all, but BlueLite is the goats favorite, and mine as well.
Once you use BlueLite you will never use another electrolyte product again!”
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 Goat BlueLite goat image

Hydration is the key component to helping goats stay healthy and energized.  Goat BlueLite has been proven to be an effective way to ensure that your goats are well hydrated before they freshen, during transition, and to help maintain milk production.  An easy-to-administer electrolyte, Goat BlueLite is palatable, acidified, and provides added energy sources and vitamins needed for use in dehydrated animals.  A versatile and effective hydration product, Goat BlueLite helps to rehydrate and maintain normal body fluid and electrolyte balance to promote top performance.



  • To encourage dry matter intake
  • To maintain hydration
  • During times of heat stress
  • Before, during and after transportation


Electrolytes, Acidification, Multiple Energy Sources, Vitamins 

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