Cold Stress Education


Cold Stress

Cold stress is often overlooked and occurs when the cattle's body temperature falls below thermoneutral and isn't able to maintain normal body temperature. The reason that cold weather causes stress on cattle is due to energy sources being utilized for body maintenance rather than performance and weight gain.



Cold weather stress - needs for maintenance and recovery:

Energy -to help support metabolic increase and if this requirement isn't met, fat will be pulled from body reserves
Dry matter intake - to meet the requirements of a higher metabolic rate, feed intake must increase.
Water - adequate hydration for digestion, metabolic balance, weight maintenance and health is critical



Bovine BlueLite can help provide health and performance
benefits year round when used during:
  • Temperature extremes - cold stress or heat stress
  • Periods of low feed intake
  • Sick cattle 
  • Before & after transportation
  • Calves - encourage weight gain
  • Calves - enhance digestion and optimizes nutrient utilization