Bovine BlueLite


• Easy-to-use electrolyte
• Specifically designed to support by maintaining body fluids
• Convenient, new liquid form can be added to water
• Veterinarians, nutritionists, and producers agree that it is one of the most versatile electrolytes on the market

BlueLite 2BW
• Powerful combination of electrolytes and DFM's for hydration and digestive support
• Contains 2.5 billion CFUs (colony forming units) to help populate the gut with beneficial bacteria
• Helps support optimum digestion
• Maintains a healthy immune system
• Very palatable to help support water intake
• Buffered
• Provides added nutrients and electrolytes
• Delivers fluid balancing osmolytes
• Supplements potassium, magnesium, and calcium
• Can be added to the TMR or as a top dress

BlueLite 2BW
• Natural bacteria to maintain gut health
• Buffered electrolytes offer support during heat stress and dehydration
• Contains multiple energy sources and vitamin fortification
• Combines top quality bacteria by CHR Hansen and hydration innovation by TechMix
Drinking Water:
Mix 2 pounds of Bovine BlueLite in 128 gallons of drinking water.
TMR Option 1:
Mix with grain, 2 ounces per cow per day. One 6 pound bag feeds approximately 50 cows.
TMR Option 2:
Mix appropriate amount of Bovine BlueLite in 5 gallon pail of warm water. Add to TMR for even dispersion.
Heat Stress:
Mix 1 ounce two to three days before heat stress event daily, then when heat starts, increase dosage to 2 ounces per cow per day. When heat lowers, decrease usage to 1 ounce per cow per day until event passes. In times when heat remains high for an extended period of time, Bovine BlueLite can remain a continuous part of rations for heat abatement.
For Show Cattle:
Add Bovine BlueLite to water two to three days prior to travelling to the show, then keep Bovine BlueLite in the water once at the show to help minimize palatability issues with different water sources.
Top dress, or mix into the TMR or grain portion of the beef ration.
• Provide 4 to 8 ounces per head per day during hot weather, or anytime dehydration is a risk.
• Feed 1 pound per head per day, for 2 days, to cattle about to be shipped, or newly received. 
For Show Cattle:
Feed 4 to 8 ounces per head per day for 1 week before transport and 2 days after returning.
Provide fresh, clean supply of water at all times.


At receiving or during times of mild stress and environmental challenges feed 1 oz. (28.3 g) per head per day to provide 2.5 Billion CFU/oz. During periods of severe stress and environmental challenges feed 2 oz. (56.7 g) per head per day to provide 5 Billion CFU/oz. Apply 1-2 oz. per head to stock tank. One 6.25 lb bag will provide enough BlueLite for 100 head of cattle at a 1 oz. consumption rate or 50 head at 2 oz. consumption rate.
Bovine BlueLite for beefAVAILABLE SIZES
1.25lb. jar - 12 jars/case    -  Control No. 21746-185
2lb. bag - 14 bags/case     -  Control No. 20073-187
6lb. bag - 8 bags/case       -  Control No. 20073-184
50lb. box                         -  Control No. 20073-182

50 lb. bag                        -  Control No. 22418-372

50 capsules/jar                 -   Control No. 20816-189
6 jars/case

6.25 lb. bag - 8 bags/case  -   Control No. 21798-184

Available in the U.S.

BlueLite 2BW for beef




Hydration is the key component for health and profitability. For over twenty years, Bovine BlueLite has been the first choice for cattle in the feedyard to provide specific electrolytes, multiple energy sources, and essential vitamins and nutrients. Decades of field studies have shown that Bovine BlueLite is an effective way to ensure that cattle maintain body weight and dry matter intakes as well as water intake. An easy-to-feed electrolyte, Bovine BlueLite is very palatable, buffered, and provides added energy sources and vitamins needed during periods of dehydration.

Bovine BlueLite maintains hydration in times of stress, such as upon arrival to feedlots, during periods of heat stress, and prior to shipping. When cattle suffer from dehydration, potassium is the first electrolyte that is excreted. As a high potassium electrolyte, Bovine BlueLite provides cattle with a source for quick supplementation. Bovine BlueLite can be added to water, in the TMR, or top dress on feed. For use during heat stress events, supplement a few days before temperatures rise and continue to use during heat stress periods.

  TechMix Bovine BlueLite family photo
BlueLite 2BW
Overcoming the stresses and health challenges that happen during the introduction to a feedyard is the key to health and profitability. 

Bovine BlueLite 2Bw is the ultimate receiving product, combining the time-proven effectiveness of Bovine BlueLite plus the digestion supporting benefits of DFMs (direct-fed microbials).  An easy-to-feed product, Bovine BlueLite 2Bw provides electrolytes, energy, and beneficial bacteria.

Bovine BlueLite 2Bw contains 2.5 billion CFUs (colony forming units) to help populate the gut with beneficial bacteria, supporting digestion.  By adding Bovine BlueLite 2Bw to daily rations during periods of stress, producers are able to maintain feed and water intakes, while supporting digestive health.

  • For starting feedlot cattle
  • At arrival into the yard
  • To support dry matter intake
  • During hot weather and heat stress
  • Hospital cattle
  • Long haul cattle
  • Prior to shipping
  • During sorting
  • After diarrhea
  • For other stress and dehydration challenges

BlueLite 2BW

  • During shipping and at receiving
  • For long haul cattle
  • To support dry matter intake
  • To maintain hydration
  • In hospital pens
  • During heat stress


Buffered Electrolytes, Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium Chloride, Energy Sources