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At TechMix, it’s important to us to keep animals drinking, eating and producing. We are continuously doing research and innovating on ways to bring you the best products. 

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Heat Stress
Recent studies show reproduction issues from heat stress begin at a THI of 55 and milk production is affected at 68, and recently it has been suggested reproduction can start to be affected at 65. Learn more about how to keep your cows cool.


Cold Stress
Body condition score (BCS) is a subjective measure used to indirectly estimate body fat percentage. Fat possesses insulative properties and thereby can be a predictor of susceptibility to cold stress. Learn more about managing cold stress.


Fresh Cows
Prevent fresh cow troubles before clinical symptoms of disease show up. Learn more about getting your cows the right nutrition at the right time. 

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Heat Stress
Keep your cows cool from the inside out


Cold Stress
Keep your cows cool from the inside out

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Nutrient Dense Liquids
Provide more nutrients through water


3E Weaned Pig Fundamentals
There are three key components for getting baby pigs off to a fast start – and we call them the 3E’s – consisting of Environment, Enrichment and Encouragement. Learn more


Weaned Pig Hydration
When pigs are stressed, unfamiliar with their environment, either off feed or not on dry feed yet –  they will still drink. Yet, they need energy, electrolytes, and acidification to aid gut integrity and maintain hydration health status. Learn more about keeping your pigs hydrated.


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