TechMix is Redefining Hydration

Hydration and nutritional support are essential for animal health, well-being and performance; and this is particularly true during stressful events or when production and performance demands are high. Nearly all stress events lead to nutrient disruptions which cascade into digestive challenges. Therefore, while maintaining adequate hydration and supporting hydration health status is important at all times, it is especially important during times of stress when livestock feed and water intake is compromised.


Water is the primary transport vehicle for nutrients like vitamins, minerals and energy into the cells but also works to remove waste products and toxins. Hydration starts at the cellular level and is more than just water consumption, rather hydration health is also the provision of critical nutrients through water that support physiologic recovery and health. Science-designed for osmolarity, tonicity, and acidification to optimize nutrient absorption at the cellular level, our innovative, nutrient-rich hydration products provide producers with smart hydration solutions.

5 Key Ways TechMix is Redefining Hydration 
  • Supporting and enhancing the biological function of water (making water work harder and more efficiently)
  • Enriching water with nutrients that support specific biological systems
  • Making water more palatable and appealing to encourage intake
  • Formulating products that help with water absorption
  • Designing products and delivery forms that promote water and nutrient accessibility for the animal, producer, and veterinarian
TechMix is redefining hydration

At TechMix, we realize the importance of hydration.

What we believe: 

We believe hydration is the single most important component to the well-being and performance of your animals.

We believe that during stress events, animals don’t drink enough water – leading to dehydration – and don’t consume enough critical nutrients.

We believe hydration innovation is a critical component to your success.


Who we are: 

We are TechMix. Hydration is in our DNA.

We are TechMix. We invented BlueLite – and from this technology platform, we develop products to meet the ongoing needs of producers – both including swine, beef, dairy and companion animals.

We are TechMix. Redefining hydration to keep animals drinking, eating and producing.