Swine BlueLite® is the original acidified water soluble electrolyte for pigs of all ages.

Preparing for dehydration stress events ensures that pigs will receive the critical nutrients and hydration necessary.  Use Swine BlueLite® to provide additional energy, electrolytes, and acidification.  For over 30 years, Swine BlueLite has been proven to help lower gut pH, to reduce problems of dehydration-shrink, and is an effective rehydration product for swine of any age.

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Swine BlueLite is also available with added direct fed microbials as
Swine BlueLite 2Bw.

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When to Use: 

Swine BlueLite
  • Following shipment or movement
  • During heat stress
  • To reduce water pH
  • At weaning
  • For nursing or newly weaned pigs to help mask unpleasant taste of water supplements or antibiotics
  • Following scours
Swine BlueLite 2Bw 
  • To stabilize and improve intestinal health
  • To encourage feed intake
  • To reduce the use of antibiotics
  • To help weaned pigs get off to a fast and healthy start
Swine BlueLite product
Swine BlueLite provides multiple sources of energy and is specifically formulated to provide critical nutrients and to support lower gut pH.

Key Benefits

Swine BlueLite
  • Easy to administer and extremely palatable
  • An acidified electrolyte that combines energy sources specifically designed to combat losses in swine due to shrink or dehydration
  • Acidification helps to lower gut pH, acting as a bacteria inhibitor
  • Helps to encourage consistent water intake, maintain adequate hydration, and stimulate feed intake during times of stress
  • Helps to maintain fluid intake by masking unpleasant tasting water supplements or antibiotics
Swine BlueLite 2Bw
  • Includes 4 billion CFUs/gram of live, naturally-occurring microorganisms that stay viable in water for up to 48 hours
  • Palatable and acidified
  • Can be administered by water proportioner or in feed
  • Competitive exclusion of harmful bacteria
  • An innovative combination of hydration support and specialized gut microbials
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YMCP powder

Directions For Use

Water Use

Give Swine BlueLite for 5-7 days or until pigs pig’s hydration status has been restored.

1. Mix one ounce (3 tablespoons) of Swine BlueLite product per 4 gallons (15.2 liters) of drinking water. 

2. Mix one pound (2 1/2 cups, 600 ml) of Swine BlueLite product per 64 gallons (242 L) of drinking water.

3. Mix 2 pounds (5 cups, 1.2 L) of Swine BlueLite per gallon of stock solution.  Provide 1 fl. oz. (30 mL) of stock solution to each gallon of drinking water (1:128).

Feed Use

Mix 6 pounds (2.72 kg) of Swine BlueLite to each ton of complete swine feed.  Use Swine BlueLite in the feed for 5-7 days or until pigs are consuming their normal amount of feed.

In Drinking Water – Mix 1 pound (0.45 kg) per gallon (3.8 L) of stock solution.  Set proportioner to deliver at the rate of 1 ounce of this stock solution per gallon of drinking water (1:128).

In Feed – Mix 0.55 lb (250 g) per ton of complete feed.

Use in feed or water for 5-7 days.

Swine BlueLite


Provide the right hydration delivered at the right time with the
original acidified 
water soluble hydration product for pigs. 

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