Liquitein® delivers functional plasma proteins, energy and electrolytes through water to the weaned pig.

Liquitein® is a Nutrient Dense Liquid™ providing nutritional support through functional plasma proteins, energy, and electrolytes when dry matter intake is low, inconsistent or non-existent.  Maintaining nutrient flow to the intestinal tract during the transition from weaning to dry feed, or when a pig is challenged or stressed can make the difference between a healthy pig and a fall-behind.  Offering energy and electrolytes to the challenged pig helps to support hydration. The combination of these ingredients and being ready to use through a standard medicator ensures pigs are getting the concentrated nutrients needed, when they need it most. 

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When to use

  • At weaning to provide more nutrients to the pig through the water
  • During times of stress or sickness to minimize nutrient disruption
  • During recovery after stress or sickness to support intestinal health
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Liquitein can also be used effectively during times of nutrient disruption, like flu breaks or transitioning from one diet to another.

Key Benefits

  • Delivers functional proteins through an innovative, water soluble method
  • Nutritional support for pigs that are weaned or stressed
  • Energy & electrolytes: helps maintain hydration
  • Functional plasma proteins: highly digestible and easily absorbed
  • Shelf Stable: Easy storage at a wide range of temperatures
  • Nutrient Dense Liquid Concept – provides ease of supplementation
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Directions For Use

Give to pigs through the drinking water as a source of functional proteins.

Liquitein is ready to use as a stock solution (no mixing required). Use at the rate of 1 ounce per gallon of drinking water (1:128 proportioner).

In certain circumstances, more product can be provided by using 1:100 or 1:50 proportioners.

*Be sure to clean water lines before using Liquitein. 



Energy and electrolytes for the challenged pig to help support hydration.


Sold as case of 2 x 25 lb Jugs

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