Science shows – Fresh cows need more

Fresh cows are the most vulnerable animals in your operation. Giving them a good start after calving has profound impact on both short-term and long-term herd profits.  As they transition to lactation, nutritional requirements for fresh cows soar, while their dry matter intake is low. In addition, demands on body fat and energy reserves are high. Health and metabolic issues such as retained placenta, udder edema, milk fever, displaced abomasum, ketosis and fatty-liver syndrome are rampant. These metabolic disorders can be costly and may result in lost milk production, veterinarian fees, replacement heifer costs and more.  

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At TechMix, we believe the key to success is getting fresh cows drinking and eating more quickly after calving.  Our founder, Dr. Peter Franz, DVM, knew that replacing water, nutrients, trace elements and energy lost during the birthing process was critical to accelerating the recovery of fresh cows. He also believed that stimulating and speeding the development of fiber-digesting bacteria in the rumen would help increase energy and get them on feed more quickly. This led him to develop one of the dairy industry’s first-ever total fresh cow recovery products in 1998.