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At TechMix, we realize the importance of hydration

We believe hydration is the single most important component in the well being and performance of your animals.
We believe that during stress events, animals don't drink enough water - leading to dehydration - and don't consume enough critical nutrients.
We believe hydration innovation is a critical component to your success.

We are TechMix. Hydration is our DNA.
We are TechMix. We invented BlueLite - and from this technology platform, we develop products to meet the ongoing needs of producers - both today and in the future. BlueLite is the first hydration product to address the specific needs of individual species including swine, beef, dairy and companion animals.
We are TechMix.

Since 1983, TechMix has been manufacturing and marketing BlueLite®, the most recognized brand in animal hydration. It is often recognized as “Gatorade for animals.” TechMix innovates with livestock producers, veterinarians, nutritionists and universities around the world to provide the best hydration products to protect animals and producer investments. The TechMix product lineup includes BlueLite®, Blue2®, Liquitein® and Restart products and helps swine customers manage stress events from birth to transport by providing the right hydration and nutrients at the right time. TechMix is redefining hydration to keep animals drinking, eating and producing.


TechMix Certified FSC36 Safe Feed/Safe Food
In January 2018, TechMix received their FSC36 Safe Feed/Safe Food certification after passing the certification audit. The Safe Feed/Safe Food (SF/SF) certification is the first of its kind for TechMix. This certification is a milestone for our quality and feed safety program and practices.

TechMix is Safe Feed Safe Food certified

TechMix underwent the certification process to demonstrate our continued efforts to provide safe, consistent, and wholesome animal health products to our customers and their livestock. TechMix’s commitment to providing quality products and service differentiates us from other companies in our highly competitive market. The satisfaction of our customers is vitally important to the success of our company and those who work here.

Brief History of the Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program

Established in 2004 by the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA), the Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program created and endorsed quality and food safety guidelines for the feed industry designed to ensure a supply of safe and wholesome feed. Together in 2013, the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) and AFIA aligned the SF/SF program into the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) giving the program international recognition. Most recently, the SF/SF program guidelines incorporated new regulations from the 2017 updated Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

For more information about Safe Feed/Safe Food, visit their webpage: http://safefeedsafefood.org/main/home.cfm


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