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Created for the sporting dog enthusiast and owner to provide detailed information on how to improve and support sporting dog health  www.sportingdoghealth.com
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TechMix, LLC | Revitalizing nutrition & health

Since 1983, TechMix has been manufacturing and marketing animal health and nutrition products designed to help improve health, performance and maximize profits around the world.  TechMix includes Animal Health, Companion Animals, Nutrition, and International.  


The TechMix Animal Health portfolio includes more than 70 all-natural products specifically engineered to address the time-sensitive nutritional needs of animals when they undergo periods of stress due to life cycle, diet changes or other stressful events. Each product is validated through research to provide the right nutrition at the right time for a range of species with a special focus on swine, dairy and companion animals.  The TechMix Animal Health family of products include:
- Hydration support to rehydrate, recover, and perform.
- Nutrients and energy for faster recovery
- Support for improved digestive health
- Overall wellness and joint health

TechMix Animal Health products are available at retail locations and through distributors in the United States and in select countries throughout the world.  



TechMix Nutrition products focus on high quality, value-added proteins that are ideal for livestock and aquaculture feeds.  In 2009, Protein Resources was acquired, giving TechMix expanded capabilities to create, manufacture, and market unique and effective products that meet the needs of a wide-ranging marketplace.

Our current product portfolio includes four products: N-Take, PEP 2+, PEP NS and NutriVance. >>Learn more



TechMix International provides unique specialty products to the global marketplace that allow livestock producers to maximize animal performance. Livestock throughout the world share the same stressful events.  Our unique specialty products are designed for these events and can fit any market.  

Internationally, we connect marketing with genetics distributors to bring the products to the international marketplace, helping livestock reach their genetic potential through health and performance. With manufacturing hubs in the U.S., Ireland, Spain and China we have the unique ability to monitor product quality, regulatory compliance and manufacturing to ensure our products meet standards for quality.  >>Learn more


Product availability varies by country and region.  For a source, Contact Us or call us at (877) 466-6455.  Or, for a list of participating animal health suppliers in the United States, visit our Distribution section.