YMCP Vitall® Bolus



•  Contains high levels of highly bio-available calcium in the form of Calcium Chloride
•  Shelf Stable
•  Live yeast helps the rumen more rapidly adapt to the changing diet of a fresh cow
•  Patented technologies help to provide a non-corrosive bolus that allows easy administration
and quick dispersion of calcium sources, reducing the risk of rumen discomfort
•  Effervescent technology helps enhance rapid availability of critical nutrients

•  Only pressed bolus on the market containing live yeast, to get cows on feed sooner
•  Studies show increased daily milk weights and feed intake
•  Built off the trusted and recognized YMCP global brand, and widely accepted by vets
•  Bolus allows for quicker/easier administration
•  A unique effervescent bolus for optimal dispersion in the rumen
•  University research demonstrating proven results
•  Provides calcium and other nutrients that meet fresh cow needs to get back on feed and recover

Give 2 boluses of YMCP Vitall immediately after calving. Another 2 boluses may be given 12 to 24 hours later.
Boluses are given to a cow using the YMCP Vitall applicator. Access to fresh, clean water at all times is recommended.
•  Insert both boluses into the bolus applicator.
•  Carefully guide the loaded YMCP Vitall applicator into the cow's mouth. When resistance is felt, gently direct the applicator beyond the tongue, then squeeze the handle to release both boluses.
•  Pause for a moment to allow the cow to swallow the boluses then gently remove the applicator.

The TOTAL Fresh Cow Product!





Because fresh cow recovery requires more than just calcium.

All fresh cows face significant health challenges with suppressed immunity and need more than just calcium to help boost intakes and ensure a quick recovery. Built off the trusted and recognized YMCP global brand, YMCP Vitall is the total fresh cow product. Science-designed and demonstrated to help cows get back on feed faster, produce more milk, and respond to fresh cow challenges by boosting blood calcium levels. Our patent pending bolus utilizes other protected technologies to deliver essential nutrients including live yeast, calcium, magnesium, potassium and more, now in an efficient, easy-to-use application.

More absorbable nutrients for fresh cows!

 TechMix YMCP Vitall product photo




•  Immediately post-calving to support the transition
    into lactation
•  For early lactating cows that are energy deficient
•  For all fresh cows, to help boost intakes
•  For post-surgery and other stress events
•  As a follow up to intravenous calcium administration
    to maintain calcium levels
•  To support peak milk production



Live Yeast, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Electrolytes, Niacin