Weaned Pig Fundamentals



A program for nurturing and developing weaned pigs.

High management performance in the swine nursery is one of the key areas determining whether the operation will have a successful and profitable outcome. Providing comfort and nutrition early on encourages baby pig well being and helps minimize fall behinds. There are three key components for getting baby pigs off to a fast start – and we call them the 3E’s - consisting of Environment, Enrichment and Encouragement.


E1 — Environment

· Establish a sanitary environment for farrowing sows
· Ensure that the farrowing pen is warm, dry and free from drafts
· Rub newly farrowed pigs head to tail with a moisture-wicking desiccant to reduce chills

Note: Shivering is a physiologic response to chills and a waste of precious energy that is better allocated to eating and growth. Quickly getting pigs dried and warm helps prevent this energy loss.



E2 — Enrichment

· Provide nutrient-dense liquid supplements through water to ensure nutrient requirements are met
· Adequate and appropriate nutrition promotes the development of the gut lining
· Introduce populations of beneficial bacteria to help ward off pathogens

Note: Without consistent nutrition, baby pigs do not have the potential to gain weight and are most likely going to lose weight and fall behind their potential. When pigs are off-feed gut integrity becomes compromised when villi in the gut lining shrinks, making nutrient absorption less efficient. 



E3 — Encouragement

· Get pigs onto dry complete feeds as quickly as possible
· Provide palatable feed (dry or as a gruel) to encourage intake

Note: Most complete feeds aren't palatable to the young pigs and they have not learned to distinguish between hunger and thirst. Nor have they learned that each of these sensations will be satisfied through different media. Therefore, feeding highly palatable supplements (either dry or as a gruel) for 2 days post-weaning help make the transition to dry feed more appealing. 


 How can TechMix help?

  The quality of an animal's productivity is directly related to its environment. Reducing moisture supports a stable, healthy environment and assists in decreasing the pathogens that the animal might be exposed to. Tech Dry is a high quality ready-to-use moisture absorbent that reduces the potential for growth of bacteria, mold, and fungus. Tech Dry can be used in a variety of building types and animal species.



    A Nutrient Dense Liquid that contains energy, electrolytes, and acidification. This product has been scientifically tested and reformulated to reach optimum osmolality for improved rehydration. Enhanced osmolality helps with water transport and absorption, thus making it easier for nutrients and water to be absorbed into the body's system. 


   Liquitein provides nutritional support through functional plasma proteins, energy and electrolytes when dry matter intake is low, inconsistent or non-existent. Maintaining nutrient flow to the intestinal tract during the transition from weaning to dry feed, or when a pig is challenged or stressed can make the difference between a healthy pig and a fall behind. 


Weaning can be a traumatic experience for a young pig. The sweet taste of Baby Pig Restart draws pigs in, easing the transition to dry feed, ensuring that each piglet gets the additional nutrients and energy needed to help avoid starve outs and stunting.