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3 Tips for a smoother transition to weaning.

December, 2018

Did you know that the average American spends 67 minutes of their day eating and drinking beverages? That means, for more than 1/24th of my life, I’m either drinking or eating food. Does that include all the candy and coffee because I think it would be quite a bit more if that was the case. The nutrients gained from eating along with the hydration from drinking is what keeps us all alive. Okay, maybe there aren’t any nutrients in candy, but you get my drift. Food is a necessity. And water is even more of a necessity. For humans, and for all animals.

As we know, babies start their life with a complete liquid diet, consuming all nutrients through their mama’s milk or a comparable substitute. For baby pigs, making the transition from the liquid diet to a starter feed and water happens much faster and is very stressful. Because this is such a crucial time in a baby pig’s life, it is important that we attempt to lessen the stress and make the transition as smooth as possible. Which is why TechMix has created the 3E Weaned Pig Fundamentals, a protocol for nurturing and developing weaned pigs.

TechMix Tip #1


Tip 1: Environment – Warm & Dry.

Establish a comfortable environment that is warm and dry to reduce chilling and wasted energy.




TechMix Swine blog post tip #2


Tip 2: Enrichment – Nutrients Through Water.

When pigs are not yet eating dry feed, research has proven they will continue to drink. Avoid nutrient deficiencies by enriching the water.



TechMix Weaning Tip #3


Tip 3: Encouragement – Dry Feed Intake.

Encourage baby pigs to eat post-weaning with a highly palatable supplement that helps in introducing weaned pigs to dry feed.



In order for pigs to thrive, they need to first survive…and that happens with food and water. Follow these 3 easy steps to help smoothly transition your pigs during weaning and get them started on the right track.

Check back next week to read more as I go in depth about Tip #1, Environment.


3E Weaned Pig Fundamentals


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In order for pigs to thrive, they need to first survive.




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