BlueLite® C for Calves is an acidified electrolyte supplement providing oral hydration support to
pre-weaned calves.

Calves have minimal reserves of fat, energy and electrolytes and are unable to digest complex forms of energy and protein. Provide acidified electrolytes and readily digestible energy by adding BlueLite C to whole milk, milk replacer, or water.  At the first sign of dehydration or loss of energy provide BlueLite C and continue until normal consumption returns. 


BlueLite C also comes in a convenient liquid form.


When to Use: 

  • To encourage water intake and maintain hydration
  • For rehydration of transported calves
  • To encourage hydration during periods of stress
  • To promote clot formation of milk nutrients to help utilization of milk solids
  • To enhance digestion and optimize nutrient utilization
  • Add to water during the summer and winter months for added energy
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BlueLite C for beef calves
To rehydrate and encourage water intake of transported calves, BlueLite C is available in a variety of forms to best fit your operation.

Key Benefits

  • Provides electrolytes and readily digestible energy
  • Acidified to enhance milk digestion
  • Compatible with milk or milk replacer feedings
  • Quickly hydrates calves and promotes optimum electrolyte and fluid balance
  • Helps support healthy immune system development for calves
  • Liquid BlueLite C is easy to use with no mixing required
  • Liquid BlueLite C contains key amino acids to facilitate nutrient absorption
  • Liquid BlueLite C has chelated zinc which promotes intestinal integrity
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Directions For Use

For dehydrated calves, provide 2 ounces of BlueLite C to every 2 quarts whole milk, milk replacer, or water consumed on a daily basis.

Note: The measure in the pail holds approximately 2 ounces of BlueLite C when level.

Mix 2 ounces of product in 2 quarts of water. Give 2 to 3 servings per day. Repeat as necessary.

BlueLite C for Beef Calves


Provide calves hydration with electrolytes, acidification and energy.

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