Provide more nutrients through water

Weaning is a very stressful event that inflicts pigs with significant changes in behavior, physiology, and health status. During weaning feed intake drops so low that for several days the minimum nutrient requirements for the pig are barely, if at all, being met. Water intake, while dipping slightly from normal, far exceeds dry feed intake during weaning. So how do we go about meeting the minimum nutrient intake requirements that can help enhance gut integrity, when dry feed intake hasnot yet increased? Optimize the nutrients in the water. Pigs may not eat but they continue to drink.

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Our product developers created a stock solution loaded with the very specific nutrients the pig needs. Nutrient dense liquids are between 65% and 70% nutrients and contain 3 times greater nutrient density than traditional stock solutions – yet can be conveniently delivered through the medicator. This is just what the doctor ordered for a pig that is not eating dry feed yet.

Data has shown that no two pigs
eat with the same pattern

In fact, just the opposite is true. A pendulum of consumption that swings between gorging and starving compromises villi in the gut which can take days, and even weeks, to restore back to health depending on the level of trauma. Sometimes there is no recovery from the stress event. 

The only way to keep the gut villi healthy is to provide a consistent level of nutrients to the GI tract.

By hyper-boosting the water with nutrients during the period when dry feed intake is low, inconsistent, or nonexistent, nutrient dense liquids can provide a more stable level of nutrients to the intestinal villi. As a result, the chance of fall behinds goes down, while the chance of improved health, improved immune status, and daily gain goes up.