Kid Restart


  • After consuming quality colostrum, Kid Restart provides and additional boost of energy and electrolytes for the newborn kid
  • Helps to reduce starvation loss due to energy deficiency or dehydration



  • Includes multiple sources of energy to provide an instant boost when feed intake is reduced
  • Plasma proteins and probiotics help to quickly restore digestive health
  • Electrolytes help to provide balanced hydration any time that dehydration occurs
  • Mixes with water to provide necessary fat and protein


Use at a rate of 1 ounce of Kid Restart to 3-4 ounces of water.  Bottle or tube feed if necessary, 1-4 feedings, until the kid is back up and drinking.  Follow up with BlueLite K in milk or milk replacer to encourage good intake. 

s needed 
 Administer as a drenchA

Crude Protein, min........10.50%
Crude Fat, min..............14.50%
Crude Fiber, max............0.50%
Calcium (Ca), min............0.40%
Calcium (Ca), max...........0.90%
Salt (NaCl), min...............2.75%
Salt (NaCl), max..............3.75%
Potassium (K), min..........1.75%
Vitamin A, min........16,000 IU/lb
Vitamin D3, min........4,000 IU/lb
Vitamin E, min..............240 IU/lb

1.5 lb bag/
10 bags per case
Control No. 54133-185
10 lb pail  
Available in the U.S.


For a kid, dehydration and weight loss can happen very quickly.  Make recovery easier for a nutrient deficient kid by providing a quick boost of energy and electrolytes.  Kid Restart contains electrolytes, amino acids, plasma protein, proviotics, fat, and multiple sources of energy in a readily digestible milk base.  A complete nutritional pack, Kid Restart provides a dehydrated kid with the instant boost of plasma proteins and nutrients necessary to quickly restore digestive health.



  • To help promote hydration balance
  • To encourage appetite for quick recovery
  • To balance the digestive system using beneficial bacteria


Electrolytes, Amino Acids, Plasma Protein, Beneficial Bacteria, Multiple Energy Sources


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Kid Restart was specifically designed for use as a drench in young kids that are in a nutrient deficient condition as a result of dehydration or not consuming sufficient milk or milk replacer. Kid Restart provides a broad spectrum of nutrients that are highly digestible and readily metabolized by the young kid. After extensive field testing and evaluation, Kid Restart has been shown to be of benefit in reducing losses due to starvation when kids are not nursing or voluntarily drinking enough milk or milk replacer to meet their metabolic needs.

Kid Restart is a special formulation of animal plasma, dried whole milk and whey in combination with added glycine, dextrose, fructose, sucrose and lactose. These products are all highly digestible, readily absorbed and metabolized by the young kid. Kid Restart is also fortified with electrolytes, vitamins, enzymes and microbial cultures to provide a broad spectrum of readily available nutrients.

Most electrolyte and energy supplements currently available are devoid of animal plasma, dried whole milk and whey and, as such, they only provide electrolytes and a single energy source like dextrose. Research in laboratory animals clearly demonstrates that the beneficial response of dextrose can be enhanced with the proper ratios of additional sugars such as fructose, sucrose and lactose that are part of the Kid Restart formulation. This synergistic, multiple energy action provides for improved levels of blood glucose over extended periods of time. The animal blood plasma and whole milk solids in Kid Restart also provide a readily available source of amino acids and energy which are highly compatible to the young kid’s digestive system as compared to products that only provide electrolyte and dextrose supplements.

The young kid has a very limited digestive and abomasal enzyme capacity during the first few weeks of life; therefore, it is not capable of digesting large amounts of nutrients at one feeding. Mother Nature compensates for this juvenile digestive capacity when kids are left on the doe to nurse after kidding through limited intake by sucking or nursing every 2-3 hours or up to 10 times a day. To help provide for an optimal digestive environment, the nutrients in Kid Restart have been acidified to help maximize digestion and absorption. Many alkaline energy and electrolyte supplements are not recommended to be administered in conjunction with milk or milk replacer as the alkaline environment they induce delays digestion and milk utilization. The gentle acidification action of Kid Restart, when mixed with water, helps create a digestive pH that is compatible to milk digestion and utilization.

Kid Restart, when mixed with warm water, forms a nutrient rich suspension after a few seconds of shaking. This broth-like nutrient suspension is readily consumed by most kids if properly drenched and administered. To facilitate tube feeding, the person administering the drench should gently lift the chin and head of the kid. After lifting the head, slowly insert the tube and gradually slide the tube feeder backwards along the right side of the kid’s throat. This restraint and administering procedure will minimizethe chance of spillage and overflow of fluid into the windpipe or trachea. Do not administer too fast or drench kids that object or struggle extensively as fluid introductioninto the windpipe or trachea may further jeopardize the health of the kid.

Use at a rate of 1 ounce of Kid Restart to 3-4 ounces of water. Bottle or tube feed if necessary, 1-4 feedings, until the kid is back up and drinking. Follow up with BlueLite K in milk or milk replacer to encourage good intake.

CAUTION: Tube feed carefully and slowly to avoid inhalation or spillover into the windpipe or trachea. Kids showing symptoms of coma, shock or too weak to stand should be treated as directed by a veterinarian.



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