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How to get more milk in the Fall

With the weather changing, we start thinking and acting as if it is Fall…bonfires, football games, and pumpkin spiced lattes. Although it may seem like Fall is here, your cows can still feel the effects of the heat. Read more to learn what you can do to prevent a drop in milk production during the fall months.

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Calf talk

TechMix calf blog silver bullet post

Got dystocia? Here's your silver bullet.

How many times have you stood over a weak, lethargic, newborn calf, exhausted with the thought that after all the effort of having to pull the calf during birth? How often have you hoped for a silver bullet to get the calf on its feet and drinking so you can go home for the night? Read more to learn about TechMix’s silver bullet product and why it works so well.


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