Replenish Promo - Buy 3, Get 1 FREE!

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Replenish Promo - Buy 3, Get 1 FREE!

September, 2017

Your Scours Solution

BlueLite Replenishᴹ


For a  -  L I M I T E D  T I M E   O N L Y - if you purchase 3 x 1 gallon jugs of BlueLite® Replenishᴹ you will receive 1 gallon FREE, maximum of 3 free gallons, OR purchase 9 x 4 fl.oz. and receive 3 FREE, maximum 9 free 4 fl. oz. Qualifying purchases must be made during September 1 - October 31st. Only purchases of BlueLite Replenishᴹ qualify. Please call TechMix if your animal health supplier does not offer promotion or with any other questions.

BlueLite Replenishᴹ is a palatable, liquid oral electrolyte for scouring calves. Science-designed with proper osmolarity, the right alkalinizing agents, acidification and immediate energy.

The perfect solution for you calves.

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