Equine Restart




  • All-in-one product that helps hair and coat condition, hydration, weight gain and conditioning, and immune function
  • Use daily to improve the overall health of underweight horses
  • Provides the gut with beneficial bacteria and improves feed efficiency



  • Highly palatable formula helps horses maintain body condition and feed efficiency
  • Improves immune system function with vitamins, organic selenium, chelated copper, and zinc
  • Can be mixed into a mash for horses with tooth or dental problems


Feed 1 scoop per day to growing horses, horses in training, hard keeping horses, or horses that need additional weight.

Enclosed scoop measures 3 ounces when level.


Crude Protein, min............19.75%
Crude Fat, min...................20.50%
Crude Fiber, max...............16.00%
Calcium (Ca), min................2.00%
Calcium (Ca), max...............2.50%
Phosphorus (P), min...........1.15%
Salt, min.............................0.10%
Salt, max............................0.60%
Copper (Cu), mmin...........90 ppm
Selenium (Se), min.............5 ppm
Zinc (Zn), min.................650 ppm
Vitamin A, min...........40,000 IU/lb
Vitamin D, min...........10,000 IU/lb
Vitamin E, min................450 IU/lb
Microorganisms*, min... 10 million CFU**/gram
*Bacillus Subtilis, Bacillus Lichenformis
**Colony Forming Units

15 lb. pail Control No. 63833-186
Available in the U.S.

During times of digestive stress, horses often need extra help to improve gut health, or to gain and maintain weight.  Equine Restart provides added energy and nutrients to help provide the proper nutrition needed to enhance body condition and overall appearance.  Equine Restart is a well-balanced product that provides additional health support with Omegas, proteins, vitamins, and beneficial bacteria.  This supplement was developed specifically for geriatric horses, foals during weaning, horses that need to gain weight, lactating mares, and very active horses.  During any of those events, Equine Restart provides necessary nutrients to improve feed efficiency and overall health.

Packed with easily absorbable proteins, chelated minerals, and beneficial bacteria, Equine Restart is the all-in-one product needed to gain weight and improve gut health.  The highly palatable formula can be top dressed to help horses to maintain body condition and feed efficiency.



  • For lactating mares
  • For foals during weaning and during stress
  • For geriatric horses that need to gain weight and aid in digestion
  • For show and sale prep
  • For very active horses
  • To deliver essential nutrients after extreme activity
  • To help smooth the transition to different forage, or when good forage is lacking
  • Can be top dressed to use less feed and optimize current vitamin and mineral programs
  • Great to use following colic treatment


Omegas 3 & 6, Easily absorbable proteins, Probiotics, Chelated minerals, Antioxidants



"I love Equine Restart!  It's the all-in-one product that my horses need to stay healthy and looking their best!  The best part of Equine Restart is its multiple uses," says Lynne Peck of Good Year, AZ.  It has probiotics, fatty acids, electrolytes, antioxidants...Everything!"  Peck is a proud owner of two quarter horses and one shetland pony, and currently resides on two and a half acre farm.  She has been in the equine industry for over forth years and does team sorting, trail rides, and much more.  She has been a Veterinarian Technician for over twenty years and in 1999, Peck was AZ Large Animal Vet Tech of the Year.  Peck is part of the International Buckskin Horse Association and attended the Buckskin World Show twice.  Equine Restart truly is an all-in-one product!" says Peck.  "I like to keep things simple.  I don't want to buy fifteen different products and over supplement - that's why Equine Restart works for me."

Equine Restart contains microbials which helps overall health, to improve feed utilization and digestion, helps to increase performance and endurance, and helps to improve hair coat and appearance.  "Since on Equine Restart, I've noticed a big difference in my horse's hair coat," says Peck.  In the middle of December, their coats are still shiny and look like they would in the middle of the summer."

Equine Restart improves the immune system function with vitamins, organic selenium, chelated copper and zinc.  "It makes my horses look really healthy," says Peck.  my horses haven't experienced any stomach issues since I've started using the product and it really helps the horses maintain their weight."

Equine Restart is top dressed daily to improve or maintain the overall health of Peck's horses.  "It is so important to me that my horses look great, are healthy and are easy to care for with Restart.  I only have to feed one product to get everything I need for my horses," says Peck.  "More or less, Equine Restart helps my hoses to be 'easy keepers' - and I love the product for that."



"TechMix products really do make the difference," says Carla Cline of Chino Valley, AZ.  Cline is a trainer of forty horses and currently has twenty of her own.  Cline's horses do anything from trail riding to halter, pleasure, and English.  Cline is an avid user of many of the TechMix Equine products, including Equine Natu-Joint, Equine Natu-Lax, Equine Restart, Equine BlueLite Pellets, Equine BlueLite Jel, and Equine Hoof Protect.  "Every horse that I train at my facility is fed TechMix products," says Cline.  "And when horses leave my training facility, I send product with the owners and recommend the continued use daily."

Cline top dresses Equine Restart on the feed every day.  With a blend of fatty acids, probiotics, electrolytes, and antioxidants, Equine Restart is the perfect everyday supplement.  "Restart really makes a big difference," says Cline.  "My horses coat conditions are phenomenal, overall health is improved along with their daily feed efficiency."

Cline travels between Arizona and Texas frequently for shows.  "I use BlueLite Pellets before traveling to a show," says Cline.  "I have never had a problem with getting horses to drink, they travel well, and will drink on the trailer with this product - it is the best electrolyte product that I've ever found!"  Cline will also offer her horses Equine BlueLite Jel if they are not drinking normally.  "If one of my horses isn't drinking, I give them a tube of Equine BlueLite Jel and that takes care of any problems,"  says Cline.

Another product that Cline offers her horses on a daily basis is Equine Natu-Joint.  Equine Natu-Joint helps to decrease deterioration of cartilage tissue in joints by supplying the necessary building blocks to help the body manufacture its own natural cartilage.  "All of the horses I train, whetheer they are two years old or aged horses, get Equine Natu-Joint," says Cline.  "I don't see stiffness in my horses like I used to."

"Proper hoof care is essential to maintaining the well-being and performance of horses.  Equine Hoof Protect provides ingredients essential to keeping horse hooves strong and healthy.  A few years back, Cline had a horse that separated its hoof from the coronet bands.  "That mare needed to grow an entire new hoof," says cline.  "This can be a very expensive problem, but I put her on Equine Hoof Protect and exactly one year later, she was back to showing and in great health.  I absolutely love this product!"


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