Equine BlueLite Pellets




  • Equine BlueLite is available in three forms to allow horse owners flexibility for easy administration
  • In cases where water is readily available, Equine BlueLite powder can easily be mixed with water and administered before periods of activity or travel
  • Equine BlueLite Jel can be administered in any location and delivery is instantly available, such as at veterinary check points at an event
  • Equine BlueLite Pellets are ideal to top dress on daily feed to ensure that horses regularly receive added nutrients and electrolytes



  • Instant results when your horse needs it most
  • Restores the essential nutrients lost during heavy workout and improves recovery time
  • Balanced electrolyte formula
  • Easily digestible, non-abrasive
  • Contains essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals
  • Helps establish and maintain optimum digestive pH for quick energy, electrolyte, and vitamin utilization


The Equine BlueLite Pellets product is formulated to provide supplemental energy and oral hydration support for all classes of horses. Top dress or mix into the daily ration at 4-8 ounces per head per day based on the level of heat stress or activity of the horse. For show horses it is recommended to use 4-8 ounces per head per day for 1 week prior to transport and 2 days after returning based on level of stress or activity of the horse. Suggested usage rates are based on a 1000 lb horse, adjust product usage according to body weight of horse.


5 lb. pail Control No. 64517-985
15 lb. pail Control No. 64517-987
Available in the U.S.


Proper hydration is essential for a horse to maintain normal fluid-electrolyte balance essential for health and performance.  Ensure that your horse gets the energy and nutrients needed during times of extreme exercise, stress or heat by giving your horse Equine BlueLite.  Different than a traditional, salt-based hydration product, Equine BlueLite contains a combination of electrolytes with sodium chloride needed for electrolyte balance, but also adds energy and nutrients such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium.  For over twenty-five years, horse owners have used Equine BlueLite to ensure that the horse maintains electrolyte balance, encourages water intake, and receives the hydration needed to stay healthy.

Equine BlueLite is available in three forms: powder, pellet, and jel.  Each form contains high impact ingredients: probiotics for beneficial gut health, vitamins and minerals to help achieve balanced health, and energy metabolites for efficient energy uptake.  Choosing between the products is as easy as determining which one would be easiest to administer in any given situation.  For example, in cases where water is readily available, Equine BlueLite powder can easily be mixed with water and administered before periods of activity or travel. Equine BlueLite Jel can be administered in any location and delivery is instantly available, such as at veterinary check points at an event. Equine BlueLite Pellets are ideal to top dress on daily feed to ensure that horses regularly receive added nutrients and electrolytes.  With three forms from which to choose, horse enthusiasts can easily ensure proper hydration and equine wellness in any situation.

Equine BlueLite is the formula for success to help horses whenever they need additional performance or energy, when settling into a new farm or boarding facility, to counter the impact of chlorine in water when travelling, transitioning from pasture to dry forage, during weather changes, during shows and events, or extreme weather conditions.



  • Whenever horses need additional performance or energy
  • When settling into a new farm or boarding facility
  • To counter the impact of chlorine in water when travelling
  • When transitioning from grass to dry forage
  • During weather changes or extreme weather conditions
  • During shows and events, or when transporting
  • When training or on trail rides
  • For horses stressed from parasites or marginal nutrition


Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Energy Metabolites, Sodium Chloride

Equine Natu-Lax Feed for 7 days  
DESCRIPTION - An apple cinnamon flavored pellet containing 99% pure psyllium to aid in colic prevention. Natu-Lax provides quality ingredients and when used once a week for a month helps to prevent colic due to certain types of conditions.
ADMINISTRATION — Provide 4 oz. or 1 scoop once a day with your horse’s normal feeding program. Feed for a full week. If your horse is susceptible to sand or impaction colic, or on a heavy training schedule, use Natu-Lax as a once a month preventative.
Available in: 5 lb. Pail, 10 lb. Pail, 20 lb. Pail, or 40 lb. Bag
Equine Build-Bac Feed for 7-14 days following Natu-Lax  
DESCRIPTION — Equine probiotic containing 25 Billion live microbial cells. The components in Build-Bac include yeast for stomach and intestinal pH regulation and fiber digestion, enzymes for enhanced feed utilization, fructooligosaccharides (FOS) for intestinal health and beneficial bacteria to repopulate the gut with its natural bacterial flora. All of these combined help stimulate a healthy intestinal tract and help your horse reduce the risk of a colic episode.
ADMINISTRATION — Following the use of Equine Natu-Lax, feed 1 oz. daily for 7-14 days to help repopulate beneficial fiber digesting and lactic acid bacteria.
Available in: 1.54 lb. Bag
Equine BlueLite Pellets Feed 2 days prior through 7 days following Natu-Lax  
DESCRIPTION — Unique electrolytes to maximize hydration when your horse needs it most. Feeding Equine BlueLite provides full replenishment of electrolytes and vitamins and minerals, after use of Equine Natu-Lax, to help your horse recuperate and aid in the prevention of colic.
ADMINISTRATION — Provide Equine BlueLite Pellets (2 oz) 2 days prior, during, and 7 days following the use of Equine Natu-Lax as a supportive therapy for sand colic.
Available in: 5 lb. and 15 lb. Pails

Always provide adequate amounts of fiber and fresh water in your equine’s diet. Use of these products in this protocol will help facilitate or restore proper nutrient absorption and gut health to help minimize negative nutritional effects that colic may cause. See your local TechMix representative for further information or questions. TechMix makes no claim that following this Sand Colic Protocol will elimate the chances of sand colic. Using TechMix products in conjunction with other products may helpimprove gut health.

Download and Print: Sand Colic Protocol


"Dehydration is a problem in Arizona year-round, especialy in the hot summer months when temperatures are 115 degrees during the day," says Al Kuenzli, owner and Trainer at Kuenzli Reining Horses in Scottsdale, AZ.  Together with his wife, NRHA and AQHA Judge, Tina, Kuenzli is an avid user of many TechMix hydration products including BlueLite Powder, BlueLite Pellets, and BlueLite Jel.

"I decided to use BlueLite Pellets for daily hydration maintenance," says Kuenzli.  "I feed all the horses the BlueLite pellets, even the yearlings that are not being ridden."  With a proprietary blend of energy metabolites and electrolytes, BlueLite Pellets open cells, allowing horses to absorb and utilize more water.  "Since feeding the BlueLite pellets everyday, I haven't experienced dehydration problems with any of my horses," says Kuenzli.  "Muscle function improved and endurance was improved beyond my expectations for all the horses in training."

"Even though I have been using BlueLite Pellets as a daily maintenance program, I was still concerned that some horses in heavy training may need additional hydration.  To help boost hydration in these horses, I also top dress BlueLite Powder on their feed in the evening," says Kuenzli.  "There is great improvement in trainability, muscle tone, soreness and appearance after feeding BlueLite.  Now that we have been using BlueLite and have seen the difference when hydrating my horses properly - I will always use the BlueLite products on a daily basis with my horses."

"Being a professional horse trainer, show schedules are very demanding and trailer hauls are very long for the horses," says Kuenzli.  "It is extremely important that the horses arrive to the event in top condition and ready to compete."  BlueLite Jel helps establish and maintain optimum digestive pH for quick energy, electrolyte and vitamin utilization.  "BlueLite Jel is given to every horse prior to the long haul as an insurance policy," says Kuenzli.  It is the best insurance policy I have ever purchased!"

"The TechMix Equine BlueLite line has helped my horses tremendously," says Kuenzli.  "My horses attitudes have improved and they are more lively and energetic."



"TechMix products really do make the difference," says Carla Cline of Chino Valley, AZ.  Cline is a trainer of forty horses and currently has twenty of her own.  Cline's horses do anything from trail riding to halter, pleasure, and English.  Cline is an avid user of many of the TechMix Equine products, including Equine Natu-Joint, Equine Natu-Lax, Equine Restart, Equine BlueLite Pellets, Equine BlueLite Jel, and Equine Hoof Protect.  "Every horse that I train at my facility is fed TechMix products," says Cline.  "And when horses leave my training facility, I send product with the owners and recommend the continued use daily."

Cline top dresses Equine Restart on the feed every day.  With a blend of fatty acids, probiotics, electrolytes, and antioxidants, Equine Restart is the perfect everyday supplement.  "Restart really makes a big difference," says Cline.  "My horses coat conditions are phenomenal, overall health is improved along with their daily feed efficiency."

Cline travels between Arizona and Texas frequently for shows.  "I use BlueLite Pellets before traveling to a show," says Cline.  "I have never had a problem with getting horses to drink, they travel well, and will drink on the trailer with this product - it is the best electrolyte product that I've ever found!"  Cline will also offer her horses Equine BlueLite Jel if they are not drinking normally.  "If one of my horses isn't drinking, I give them a tube of Equine BlueLite Jel and that takes care of any problems,"  says Cline.

Another product that Cline offers her horses on a daily basis is Equine Natu-Joint.  Equine Natu-Joint helps to decrease deterioration of cartilage tissue in joints by supplying the necessary building blocks to help the body manufacture its own natural cartilage.  "All of the horses I train, whetheer they are two years old or aged horses, get Equine Natu-Joint," says Cline.  "I don't see stiffness in my horses like I used to."

"Proper hoof care is essential to maintaining the well-being and performance of horses.  Equine Hoof Protect provides ingredients essential to keeping horse hooves strong and healthy.  A few years back, Cline had a horse that separated its hoof from the coronet bands.  "That mare needed to grow an entire new hoof," says cline.  "This can be a very expensive problem, but I put her on Equine Hoof Protect and exactly one year later, she was back to showing and in great health.  I absolutely love this product!"



As a competitive barrel racer, Cheryl Murray travels frequently with her horses and knows the importance of keeping her horses well hydrated when on the road. “My horses become easily dehydrated due to long hauls to competitions for barrel racing.  Equine BlueLite Pellets and BlueLite Powder have improved hydration dramatically since I started feeding them to my horses.”

Murray developed a plan that includes using TechMix Equine products at home and when on the road. “I feed the pellets as daily maintenance. I add BlueLite Powder to the water at home and at the barrel competitions. Because they get used to the blue color and the palatable taste of the water with BlueLite added at home, they don't hesitate to drink the BlueLite water at shows.  That is a huge advantage as horses usually won’t drink unfamiliar water at shows.”

Using TechMix Equine hydration products, Murray has found the perfect combination to help her horses to stay hydrated and healthy. “I feel that my horses perform at a top level and have less body soreness because their hydration levels are optimal. Since switching to BlueLite Pellets and BlueLite Powder, my horses are able to maintain hydration. This is because TechMix products do not use high amounts of salt derivatives in the electrolyte.”

“I am very happy with TechMix BlueLite Pellets and BlueLite Powder,” Murray says. “My horses stay hydrated and are overall healthier.” 


TESTIMONIALS | Download and Print

Kuenzli Cline Murray    

When does your horse need electrolytes?
Two-thirds of a horse’s body weight is water, making electrolyte balance an important every day event for your horse. A horse can lose fluid through sweating, defecation, urination, and respiration. Dehydration increases during stress, hot weather, heavy workout, sweating, diet changes and disease. If electrolyte balance is not replenished, blood volume decreases and potential negative health effects such as sluggish behavior, colic, failure to perform, and shock.

Are all electrolytes the same?
Simply stated, ‘no’. Certain electrolytes utilize a high level of salt which can do more harm than good. The five major electrolytes which must be replenished include: Potassium, Chloride, Magnesium, Sodium, and Calcium. To ensure that the supplemented electrolytes and nutrients are absorbed, Equine BlueLite uses Betaine, an osmolyte to help with water and electrolyte uptake by the cells. To help effectively use and restore lost electrolytes Equine BlueLite includes a proprietary formula of energy metabolites and electrolytes.