Dual Dry



•  Field demonstrations show an increase in mat temperature compared to lighter colored desiccants
•  Possible energy savings with lower room temps needed due to higher mat temps. This also encourages the 
   pigs to stay on the mat where its warmer, and away from the sow (preventing crushed pigs)
•  Poly bag can be easily disinfected
•  40 lb bags — Easier to handle for employees, cart isn't necessary to move this bag (helps with biosecurity)

•  Dual purpose drying agent, lessens need for multiple products
•  Multi-texture promotes both drying and membrane removal
•  Dark color absorbs radiant heat vs reflecting it
•  Minimal dust compared to other desiccants
• Less product needed at birth vs other drying agents
• 30-50% reduction in product usage for day 1 processing compared to other drying agents
• Twice as absorbent as other desiccants

For Swine: Hold newborn piglets over Dual Dry container and rub Dual Dry on the pig vigorously from the neck to the tail until the pig is dry.

Sprinkle Dual Dry on comfort mats and/or flooring to soak up moisture due to scouring, urination or water.

For other species: Sprinkle Dual Dry on bedding and/or flooring to soak up moisture due to scouring, urination or water.

At birth, piglets commonly experience a sudden and significant decrease in ambient temperature. This presents a challenge, as piglets are more prone to excessive heat loss due to their limited energy reserves. For this reason, it is critical that piglets are dried and warmed immediately after birth. TechMix's Dual Dry, does just this, as a dual-purpose drying agent for both the environment and the young pig itself. The dark color of Dual Dry promotes absorption of radiant heat and increases the young pigs core body temperature. Applying Dual Dry to the mats helps absorb moisture limiting the potential growth of bacteria. The drying of wet surfaces creates a safer, more sanitary environment for the caretaker, as well as the baby pig.


TechMix Dual Dry product photo


TechMix Dual Dry for baby pigs


Immediately after birth
When cold, wet or scouring
When young pigs are susceptible to scouring


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