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Farming During the Holidays

December, 2018

The holiday season is here…no question about it. All across town at our local shops, holiday hours are posted on the front door, most of which say, “Closed for Christmas.” Grocery stores, hair salons, restaurants, and more all have the day off; however, a dairy farm doesn’t shut down for the holiday and the farmers do not get a day off of work. Even on holidays, cows still need to be fed and milked, chores still need to get done, and calves still are born. As we enter this holiday season, remember to thank a farmer for the sacrifices they make, day in and day out.

Farming during the Holidays blog post

When you are waking up to the kids running down the hall to see what Santa brought them, thank a farmer who woke up 2 hours earlier than normal to get a head start on milking in order to make it to the first holiday celebration.

When you are relaxed on the couch, sipping coffee and enjoying watching the family open gifts first thing in the morning, thank a farmer whose kids are sitting at home waiting for their dad or mom to come inside from the barn, so they can open gifts, likely not first thing Christmas morning.

When you are sitting down to dig in to your holiday feast, thank a farmer for the hard work and care they give their herd during the year to provide food for your table.

When you take another serving of food, thank a farmer who may give a little extra feed to his cows on Christmas Day because, even the cows deserve to get a treat for the holiday.

When you are driving to your family’s house for another holiday celebration, thank a farmer who had to skip going to their families because a cow was in labor, a water line busted, etc. (something ALWAYS happens when you are trying to go somewhere away from the farm).

During the holiday season, we are all reminded of things to be thankful for. We, at TechMix, are thankful for farmers. For who they are, for what they do, and for all they have sacrificed. Blessings to you all this holiday season.


Thank you farmers




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