New Calf Perk supplement for calves

Calf Perk




•  Developed with industry experts
•  Based on recommendations from human medicine for infant support
•  Shelf stable in broad temperature range
•  Doesn't depress appetite
•  Unique energy source


•  Concentrated, easy to use
•  Quick absorbing, fast acting
•  Naturally increases body temperatures and respiration rates in newborn calves
•  Formulated specifically for calves
•  Enhances calf vigor and suckle reflex
•  High adherence allows for oral absorption
•  Exhibits visual response by calf

Shake well before use. Give a single tube of Calf Perk orally across the tongue no more than
30 minutes prior to colostrum or milk feeding.





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To purchase Calf Perk, contact your local veterinarian or animal health supplier.
15 tubes/Jar — Control No. 20705-785
60 tubes/Case  —   Control No. 20705-781
Calf Perk is a fast acting, energy boost for newborn calves.
Watch this time lapse video of a calf that experienced a challenged birth and needed intervention for survival. This calf was given 1 tube of Calf Perk orally, immediately after birth and the results you'll see took place within 30 minutes.
15 tubes/Jar — Control No. 20705-785
60 tubes/Case  —   Control No. 20705-781


All newborn calves need a fast, warm start; this leads to good calf health which is essential in preparing your future herd for success. Birth is a stressful time for calves – difficult births and calving into cold environments add to that stress. It is critical to get these calves on their feet and ready to eat. Calf Perk is an easy to use, immediate energy boost for newborn calves that naturally increases body temperature and respiration rates to perk them up. Formulated with the help of industry experts, Calf Perk coats the tongue and the roof of the mouth ensuring faster absorption through the mucosal lining and into the blood stream, maximizing its effect. For results you can see, choose Calf Perk!



 Calf Perk product photo


•  Newborn calves that need a boost
•  After a difficult birth
•  During cold temperatures
•  Depressed, lethargic received calves

Energy, naturally occuring caffiene