Calf PreRD for Beef Calves




•  Calf PreRD® is compatible to mix with milk replacer, milk or water
•  Adding daily DFMs promotes faster rumen development and encourages starter intakes, both of which allow calves to gain weight more quickly, promotes increased growth rates, and wean earlier if desired.
•  Supports earlier weaning, breeding, and calving, calf performance, and higher average daily gains

•  Contains concentrated strains of live (viable) bacteria, which have been shown to support earlier consumption of dry feed and growth rates when fed daily
•  Includes digestive enzymes and antioxidants help to maintain a healthy immune system
•  Formulated with fermentation products, including live yeast, to support weight gain and gastrointestinal health
•  Specialized protein maintains a healthy digestive environment to support the potential impact of pathogens such as clostridia, E.coli, strep, staph and salmonella

Mix one level scoop (4 grams) with the milk, milk replacer, or drinking water once daily. Feed Calf preRD from Day 1 to Weaning.

For large volume fluid feeding - Mix 200 grams (0.44 pound) of Calf preRD with each 50 gallons of milk, milk replacer or drinking water when
calves are fed 2 quarts or a half gallon twice a day. 

Compatible with colostrum, whole milk, milk replacer and water. 

800 gram jar/12 jars per case — Control No. 21868-177

25 lb. pail — Control No. 21868-176

Available in the U.S.

For a calf, the transition to feed can create digestive disturbances and disrupt water and feed intake. Calf preRD is specifically designed to help with dry feed intake at an earlier age to offer support to the calf during weaning. Packed with DFMs (direct-fed microbials), Calf preRD uses live bacteria to help maintain a more desirable digestive environment, in turn helping to support health and aid in nutrient utilization. Calf preRD is an effective way to support calves during the transition to dry feed while maintaining digestive health.




•  To help support rumen development
•  During the transition to dry feed
•  Maintain digestive health
•  To supplement the digestive system with healthy bacteria
•  During the transition to a group pen

Direct Fed Microbials