Bovine BlueLite



  • Encourages water intake
  • Helps improve dry matter intake
  • Replenishes electrolyte balance
  • Helps establish positive energy balance
  • Helps improve milk production
  • Transition cows faster for higher peak milk



  • Patented formula helps reduce the negative impact on milk production caused by inadequate nutrient intake and physiological adaptations
  • Provides added nutrients, electrolytes, and fluid-balancing osmolytes to help avert metabolic issues and restore health
  • Provides multiple energy sources for quicker recovery

TMR Option 1:

Mix with grain, 2 ounces per cow per day. One 6 pound bag feeds approximately 50 cows.

TMR Option 2:
Mix appropriate amount of Bovine BlueLite in 5 gallon pail of warm water. Add to TMR for even dispersion.

Drinking Water:
Mix 2 pounds Bovine BlueLite with 128 gallons water.

Fresh Cow Groups:
Make available for first two weeks post-freshening at a rate of 2 ounces per cow per day

Heat Stress:
Mix 1 ounce two to three days before heat stress event daily, then when heat starts, increase dosage to 2 ounces per cow per day. When heat lowers, decrease usage to 1 ounce per cow per day until event passes. In times when heat remains high for an extended period of time, Bovine BlueLite can remain a continuous part of rations for heat abatement.

Other times to use:
• Before or after transport
• During cold stress events
• When changing feeding programs
• During health challenges
• For show cattle
• BlueLite® C for calves


Calcium (Ca), min...............0.05%
Calcium (Ca), max..............0.55%
Phosphorus (P), min...........0.30%
Salt (NaCl), min..................8.00%
Salt (NaCl), max.................9.60%
Potassium (K), min.............8.25%
Magnesium (Mg), min........0.14%
Vitamin A, min.....1,000,000 IU/lb
Vitamin D3, min......200,000 IU/lb
Vitamin E, min.............1,000 IU/lb

50 lb. box Control No. 20073-182
6 lb. box Control No. 20073-184
2 lb. bag Control No. 20073-187
1.25 lb. jar Control No. 20073-179
Available in the U.S. and select countries worldwide.


Dairymen need nutritional solutions that encourage a quick and healthy recovery post-freshening and help prepare for optimal lactation. Learn more about nutrition that meets the cow’s physical demands when she needs it >>



We like to call heat stress days Bovine BlueLite days. During heat stress, cows readily lose water and nutrients required for optimal body function and performance. Bovine BlueLite replenishes these nutritents and can promote cow health.  Learn more >>



Hydration and nutritional support is essential for both herd health and performance during stressful events such as heat stress and freshening.

Bovine BlueLite is a palatable and buffered source of electrolytes that includes potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium to name a few. Combined with energy sources like dextrose, sucrose, fructose and others, Bovine BlueLite provides the nutrients necessary to help recover from dehydration and help restore cow health for reproduction, milk production and averting many metabolic issues. For instance, Bovine BlueLite contains betaine, an osmolyte that helps to maintain cell volume and fluid balance thereby helping improve protein synthesis, cell division, and helps maintain gut integrity. And finally, Bovine BlueLite® is vitamin fortified with antioxidant vitamins necessary for combatting toxins.




  • During periods of heat stress
  • Immediately post-freshening to help with transition


Buffered Electrolytes, Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium Chloride, Osmolytes, Multiple Energy Sources



Sell Sheet MSDS Heat Stress Brochure Heat Stress Manual Fresh Cow Protocol


Bovine BlueLite is an oral rehydration formula specifically designed for ruminating animals such as feedlot steers-heifers, lactating dairy cows, goats, and sheep. Ruminant animals possess a unique ability to efficiently utilize both roughage and grain through their bacterial fermentation in the rumen as compared to simple stomached animals like swine, poultry, and young nursing calves that cannot utilize or digest roughage on an efficient basis. Bovine BlueLite contains buffered electrolytes, water soluble vitamins, and multiple energy sources with a specially designed pH regulating action that enhances utilization and absorption without endangering the ruminant animal encountering lactic acid acidosis. The buffered electrolytes in Bovine BlueLite are non-irritating as compared to some electrolytes that could compound problems of ruminitis and enteritis.

Bovine BlueLite contains special aromatic and flavoring agents that are preferred by the ruminating animal such as cattle and sheep. Bovine BlueLite was field tested in feedlots throughout the Midwest Corn Belt and in feedlots near the Rocky Mountains in all types of cattle ranging from high quality, 400 pound calves and in grass-fed yearlings upon indoctrination in the feedlots, and in all cases the Bovine BlueLite was readily consumed by the cattle and encouraged water intake. Bovine BlueLite was especially helpful in maintaining water intake in cold weather when adequate water intake is often a problem. A specific example of how well Bovine BlueLite is consumed by the ruminant animal is the quick adaptation seen by feeder lambs in starting to consume water with Bovine BlueLite from a tank or trough after shipment into Colorado feedlots.

The unique formulation of Bovine BlueLite, with its tasty and palatable ingredients, makes it the ideal rehydration product for helping the ruminant animal maintain tissue fluids and reducing shrink when dehydration presents a problem as a result of shipping stress, weather changes, changes in rations, or in stresses such as vaccination reactions.

Bovine BlueLite should be added to the drinking water whenever cattle suffer shrink as a result of shipping, sorting, moving and for supportive therapy when calves dehydrate as a result of pneumonia, shipping fever, diarrhea, vaccination or processing. Bovine BlueLite is compatible with antibiotics and may be added to the drinking water in tanks or troughs to cover the bad taste of many drugs.

Bovine BlueLite contains non-irritating buffered electrolytes in combination with vitamins A, D, E, B complex, and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to help replenish vitamin reserves in the stressed animal. The taste and palatability of Bovine BlueLite make it of special value in starting cattle on water and feed after shipment to new surroundings such as feedlots, and while cattle are moved and shipped to shows/sales.

Bovine BlueLite is readily consumed by dairy calves and lactating dairy cows. The pleasant taste helps encourage water intake to help maintain body fluids and reduce shrink when dairy cows encounter dehydration as a result of winter dysentery, bacterial diarrhea, pneumonia or moldy feeds. Bovine BlueLite is easy and convenient to use. It can be individually administered in the water for a few animals or used as a herd treatment in the water tank or in the feed.

Bovine BlueLite helps lambs get started on water and feed when shipping into the feedlot. The buffered electrolyte fortification makes Bovine BlueLite ideal for administration into lambs suffering from dehydration tetany or staggers.

Bovine BlueLite should be used in the water or feed whenever lambs are dehydrated as a result of bacterial diarrhea, coccidiosis, or during stresses related to sorting, handling, and shipping. The pleasant taste of Bovine BlueLite helps cover up the bad taste of many water medications and it can be used to help assure adequate drug intake during stress outbreaks when flock medication is essential. Bovine BlueLite may be used to help stimulate water intake when water consumption should be stimulated such as in flocks or pens where urinary calculi or intoxications present a problem.

Water Administration

Administer Bovine BlueLite in the drinking water for 5 -7 days or as long as animals show evidence of dehydration (body shrink) or until animals are consuming their normal amount of feed ration on a daily basis. Allow cattle or sheep to drink water with the Bovine BlueLite on a free choice base.

Top Dressing Cattle
1. Two heaping teaspoons: top dress daily, add to feed consumed by a 400-pound calf.
2. One cup: top dress daily, add to feed consumed by four 500-pound calves.

Top Dressing Sheep
1. One heaping teaspoon: top dress daily, add to feed consumed by a 60-pound lamb.
2. Half cup: top dress daily, add to feed consumed by ten 60-pound lambs.

Administration method
1. Individual: 1 heaping tablespoon BlueLite to 1 gallon water.
2. Water tank: 1 level 8 oz. cup BlueLite to 32 gallons water.
3. Water tank: 1 lb. (2-1/4 c.) BlueLite to 64 gallons water.
3. Water tank: 6 lbs. BlueLite to 384 gallons water.

Stock Solution
1 oz. solution to 1 gallon water.

Water Intake
Cattle on dry forages and grains normally consume water equivalent to 9-11% of their body weight daily depending on temperatures, stress, and water availability. Lactating cows should be offered additional water with Bovine BlueLite equivalent to their daily volume of milk production.


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