BlueLite Pro2Lyte



•  Highly palatable and easy to mix
•  Designed to maximize water and nutrient absorption acting as a partial meal replacement for the first 24-48 hours in challenged pigs
•  Specifically formulated with the ideal balance of electrolytes, osmolytes and amino acids
•  Can be used 3 ways - through the water either via a medicator or offered in a pan/bowl, as a gruel solution or as a dry top-dress on feed.
• Contains critical amino acids, such as glutamate, to support gut health during stress events.
• The use of iso-osmotic solutions have aided in hydration and shown wellness benefits in challenged animals for years.


Pre-Weaned Pig
Pigs in Farrowing Crate:Mix 5 ounces (2/3 cup) per gallon of water to form an iso-osmotic solution.

Day 2-8 Post Farrowing: Feed 2 cups of this Iso-osmotic solution per litter once a day in a pan or bowl.

Weaned Pig
Drinking Water: Mix 2 lbs or 40 ounces (5 cups) per gallon of water to form a stock solution.  Provide the stock solution through the medicator set at the rate of 1:128 for 2 days post-weaning.  Mix only enough stock solution for 1-day use.

Gruel: Mix 5 ounces (2/3 cup) per 1 gallon of water to form an iso-osmotic solution.

Day 1 & 2 Post-Weaning: Mix feed into the iso-osmotic solution to create a gruel mixture with consistency of pancake batter.  Feed gruel mixture in troughs at the rate of 1 gallon per 25 pigs.  Adjust gruel amount as needed so all is consumed in 30 minutes.
Continue to feed gruel without Pro2Lyte on day 3-4 and transition to dry feed only on day 5

Top Dress: Top dress 12 ounces (1.5 cups) per 25 pigs on the starter feed in the feed trough twice a day during the first 48 hours after weaning.






Drink. Absorb. Thrive. During challenging times provide a unique iso-osmotic blend of hydration and protein that provides ideal water and nutrient transport to young pigs.

Pigs love the taste of Pro2Lyte - the iso-osmotic drink that challenged pigs need. Pro2Lyte provides energy and proteins which gives pigs the functional components they need to recover. With Pro2Lyte, we aren’t just rehydrating pigs, we are minimizing nutrient disruption. The amino acids found in Pro2Lyte support a healthy digestive tract, which is just what challenged pigs need.

 BlueLite Pro2Lyte product photo


TechMix swine products BlueLite Proteolyte

•  Pre-weaned pigs in farrowing house during scouring events
•  Targeted care for challenged weaned pigs
•  Flexible, can be used for both grueling and given through water lines
•  Can be fed in troughs during gruel feeding

Energy, Protein, Amino Acids, Electrolytes & Osmolytes