BlueLite C for Beef Calves



•  Provides fat, energy, and electrolytes in a simple digestible form to support growth
•  Quickly provides maintenance support to young calves and maintains optimum electrolyte and fluid balance
•  Helps support healthy immune system development for pre-weaned calves
•  Designed to help reduce shrink and dehydration in young calves
•  BlueLite C can be added to whole milk, milk replacer, or water and used via drench or esophageal feeder

Liquid BlueLite C
•  Formulated to meet the physiological needs of the dehydrated, non-scouring calf
•  Optimized osmolarity
•  Built using the BlueLite Platform
•  Supports intestinal health


•  Aromatic blend of pH adjusted electrolytes that are compatible with milk or milk replacer feedings
•  Contains multiple energy sources
•  Provide acidified electrolytes and readily digestible energy

Liquid BlueLite C
•  No mixing required
•  Easy to use, won't fall out of solution
•  Tasty - Calf tested, calf feeder approved!
•  Contains key amino acids to facilitate nutrient absorption
•  Chelated zinc promotes intestinal integrity
•  Shelf stable
For dehydrated calves, provide 2 ounces of BlueLite C to every 2 quarts whole milk,
milk replacer, or water consumed on a daily basis.

Note: The measure in the pail holds approximately 2 ounces of BlueLite C when level.

Caution: Calves showing symptoms of coma, shock or that are too weak to stand
should be treated as directed by a veterinarian.

Liquid BlueLite C
Mix 2 ounces of product in 2 quarts of water. Give 2 to 3 servings per day. Repeat as necessary.




Beef calf photo

BlueLite C Powder

In the first few days of life, calves encounter metabolic and digestive stresses as they change environments and make the transition to a milk diet.  Ensure a healthy start by providing electrolytes to help support immune system development. BlueLite C supports rehydration by proving electrolytes, multiple energy sources, and acidification to help maintain a healthy digestive environment.

TechMix BlueLite C powder product imageBlueLite C can be fed with milk products to support digestion and utilization, and has been proven an effective and easy way to ensure that young calves maintain hydration balance. Calves have minimal reserves of fat, energy and electrolytes and are unable to digest complex forms of energy and protein. Provide acidified electrolytes and readily digestible energy by adding BlueLite C to whole milk, milk replacer, or water.  At the first sign of dehydration or loss of energy provide BlueLite C and continue until normal consumption returns. Feed BlueLite C for the first 7-10 days of life with milk products to offer digestive support.  For many years, producers have relied on BlueLite C for hydration support in young calves.

... and now we're excited to introduce Liquid BlueLite C

There are a number of stresses that calves can encounter in the early weeks of their life, including transport,
environmental changes, and weaning. Liquid BlueLite® C is an easy to use, tasty liquid electrolyte with
multiple energy sources that can be given to help rehydrate calves and promote a healthy digestive environment.
Built using the BlueLite Platform, Liquid BlueLite C has all the beneficial qualities of the original BlueLite C, and
now is available in a convenient form. During the different stress events throughout a calf's life, it is important to
maintain their hydration status to help lessen the severity of these events. Provide Liquid BlueLite C to provide
readily digestible energy and electrolytes any time hydration support is needed.TechMix Liquid BlueLite C product photo








•  Support water intake and maintain hydration
•  During the transition to weaning
•  To support the digestion of colostrum
•  To support clot formation of milk nutrients to help utilization of milk solids
•  To maintain digestion and nutrient utilization
•  For purchased calves during the transition
•  Add to water during the summer and winter months for added energy
•  For daily hydration maintenance to provide extra fluids during scours



Electrolytes, Acidification, Multiple Energy Sources