BlueLite C

  • Provides fat, energy, and electrolytes in a simple digestible form to help calves grow and start to build up reserves
  • Quickly hydrates young calves and promotes optimum electrolyte and fluid balance
  • Helps support healthy immune system development for pre-weaned calves
  • Designed to help reduce shrink and dehydration in young calves
  • Field trials have proven a reduction in losses due to dehydration by 4-10%
  • BlueLite C can be added to whole milk, milk replacer, or water and administered via drench or esophageal feeder


  • Aromatic blend of pH adjusted electrolytes that are compatible with milk or milk replacer feedings
  • Contains multiple energy sources 
  • Provide acidified electrolytes and readily digestible energy


For dehydrated calves, provide 2 ounces of BlueLite C to every 2 quarts whole milk, milk replacer, or water consumed on a daily basis. 

Note: The measure in the pail holds approximately 2 ounces of BlueLite C when level.

Caution: Calves showing symptoms of coma, shock or that are too weak to stand should be treated as directed by a veterinarian. 


BlueLite C Capsules

For young calves prior to weaning, administer one capsule for each 15-20 pounds body weight on a daily basis.

Phosphorus (P), min........0.18%
Salt (NaCl), min................5.90%
Salt (NaCl), max...............7.00%
Magnesium (Mg), min.......0.05%
Potassium (K), min...........2.50%
Sodium (Na), min..............4.00%
Sodium (Na), max.............5.00%

2 oz. foil bags/
32 bags per pail
Control No. 30054-188
6 lb. pail/
4 pails/case
Control No. 30054-185
25 lb. pail Control No. 30054-183
50 lb. box Control No. 30054-182
30 Capsules/jar
8 jars/case
Control No. 20815-189
Available in the U.S.

In the first few days of life, calves encounter metabolic and digestive stresses as they change environments and make the transition to a milk diet.  Ensure a healthy start by providing a boost of electrolytes to help support immune system development. BlueLite C helps to rehydrate calves by proving electrolytes, multiple energy sources, and acidification to help promote a healthy digestive environment. BlueLite C can be administered with milk products to enhance digestion and utilization, and has been proven an effective and easy way to ensure that young calves maintain hydration balance.

Calves have minimal reserves of fat, energy and electrolytes and are unable to digest complex forms of energy and protein. Provide acidified electrolytes and readily digestible energy by adding BlueLite C to whole milk, milk replacer, or water.  At the first sign of dehydration or loss of energy provide BlueLite C and continue until normal consumption returns.  As a method of scours prevention, administer BlueLite C for the first 7-10 days of life with milk products.  For many years, producers have relied on the proven success of BlueLite C to quickly hydrate young calves and to promote optimum results.



  • Encourage water intake and maintain hydration
  • Ease the transition to weaning
  • To aid in the digestion of colostrum
  • To promote clot formation of milk nutrients to help utilization of milk solids
  • To inhibit pathogen growth
  • To enhance digestion and optimize nutrient utilization
  • For purchased calves to ease the transition
  • Add to water during the summer and winter months for added energy
  • For daily hydration maintenance to provide extra fluids during scours


Electrolytes, Acidification, Multiple Energy Sources