Swine Blue2





  • Ready-to-use with medicator
  • High energy
  • Ideal electrolyte balance
  • Acidification
  • Increased Osmolarity
  • Highly palatable
  • Shelf stable



  • Blue2 is the stock solution, no mixing needed.
  • Can provide up to 10% of a pig's daily energy requirement
  • Same hydration principles as Swine BlueLite
  • Helps maintain low stomach pH
  • Palatability increases water consumption
  • Easy storage at a wide range of temperatures
  • Greater ability to rehydrate pig



Provide product in the drinking water of pigs for 48-72 hours, when animals are exposed to management or environmental stress. In certain situations product can be used for longer periods of time, please consult a veterinarian or TechMix representative with inquiries about such use.

Deliver in water one of the following ways:
Deliever at the rate of 1 ounce per gallon of drinking water (set medicator at 1:128) Product is ready to use as the stock solution (No mixing required)
To create a solution applied in pans or with gruel: Mix 2-4oz (1/2 cup) of Blue2 with 1 gallon of water. Feed can be added to this solution to create a gruel.


2.25 gallon jug/
2 jugs/case
Control No. 13722-787
Available in the U.S. and select countries worldwide.


Blue2 is a Nutrient Dense Liquid that contains energy, electrolytes, and acidification.  This product has been scientifically tested and reformulated to reach optimum osmolality for improved rehydration. Enhanced osmolality helps with water transport and absorption, thus making it easier for nutrients and water to be absorbed into the body's system. When pigs are stressed and unfamiliar with their environment, offering Blue2 for 3 days provides the critical energy boost pigs need to recover quickly.  With up to 75% of a weaned pig's body composition being water, optimum rehydration therapy is critical.  Acidification helps maintain a low stomach pH helping aid digestion and the prevention of bacterial growth.  In addition, using Blue2 in the drinking water functions as a very effective attractant helping increase weaned pig water consumption.  Blue2 is a ready to use and easily delivered in a medicator, making it an ideal product for the weaned pig.

Swine Blue2 product image



  • At weaning to provide more nutrients to the pig through the water
  • During times of stress or sickness to promote water and feed intake
  • Prior to shipping and to avoid shrink
  • During heat stress to offer energy and rehydration support


Energy, Electrolytes, Acidification, Amino Acids

TechMix enhances Blue2® for better hydration

August 17, 2015
Proper hydration is critical for health and performance of all livestock - and now Blue2®, by TechMix, has been reformulated to help hydrate even better. Blue2® is a Nutrient Dense Liquid that contains energy, electrolytes, and acidification. Recent laboratory screening tests verified that by boosting critical ingredient levels in Blue2®, TechMix was able to enhance the osmolality of drinking water when Blue2® was added. Enhanced osmolality helps with water transport and absorption, making it easier for nutrients and water to be absorbed into the body’s system. Ideally suited to support pigs that are under stress and experiencing enteric challenges, this means less opportunity for dehydration while helping support health and performance outcomes. The product’s visual change is slight but the impact is significant. While Blue2® was already a successful high-performing hydration product - it now performs even better.

Blue2® is a liquid, ready-to-use stock solution easily delivered in a standard medicator — ideal for the stressed pig and is sold in 2.5 gallon jugs.

Learn more about Blue2® by visiting: techmixglobal.com/blue2