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How to get more milk in the Fall

September, 2018

As much as we hate to admit it, summer is quickly coming to an end. I mean seriously, it’s September – how did this happen! County and state fairs are in full swing if not already over, school folders, lunch boxes, and pencils are bought, and the true sign of the start of fall, Starbucks is already serving pumpkin spiced lattes!! The moment school starts, it’s Fall! Football games, bonfire nights, shorter days and cooler weather. But, don’t jump the gun and give up on summer yet. Although the weather might feel a tad cooler, that does not mean that the THI (temperature-humidity index) has gone down yet. Heat stress can still happen, EVEN IN THE FALL.


Even in temperatures as low as 72˚F with a relative humidity of 45% can result in mild heat stress in dairy cows. The effects of heat stress, even minimal, can result in a cascade of events both physiological and behavioral. Typically, the first reaction we see from a heat stressed cow is a drop in feed intake. This may seem like a good way to dissipate core body temperature but in all actuality, the decrease in feed intake impacts milk production and also the reproductive cycle, establishment of a pregnancy and fetal development. Not only do we need to keep cows cool on the outside, we also need to focus on their internal core body temperature. We preach the importance of hydration during heat stress through nutritional electrolyte supplements (oh hello there, Bovine BlueLite®) as they can help to cool cows from the inside out. Supplementing cows from the inside while your typical heat abatement solutions such as fans, soakers, etc. can cool their outer body temperature is an ideal balance for heat stress events.


Bovine BlueLite has been specifically formulated to meet the precise needs of a cow experiencing heat stress, whether we are in the middle of July with the heat almost unbearable, or if we are in September and the THI is mild but can still have negative impacts on your herd. It’s like a pumpkin spiced latte for cows - energy, electrolytes, and it tastes so good (okay so a pumpkin spiced latte may be a little less nutritious but go along for the ride with me here). BlueLite is tasty and provides the cows with energy and electrolytes to keep them up and drinking, even in the heat. The more a cow drinks, the more she eats. The more she eats, the better she feels and performs. That makes for a happy cow, and a happy farmer.


Even if the concept of summer – vacations, cabins, swimming, fairs – is over, that doesn’t mean summer weather is over. Enjoy these beginning days of Fall where the weather is still warm, the leaves are changing colors, and you still have hope for your favorite football team. Sit back, relax, have a bonfire, sip on a pumpkin spiced latte, and let BlueLite® keep your cows cool from the inside out.

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