TechMix Swine Baby Pig Restart

Baby Pig Restart


•  Can be top dressed, mixed in drinking water or drench
•  Acidified to help promote optimum digestion
•  Tasty and easy-to-use
•  Helps pigs through weaning transition quickly 
•  Promotes weight gain

•  Fortified with vitamins, electrolytes, enzymes and microbial cultures
•  Provides blood plasma and protein
•  Contains milk and animal energy sources
•  Includes Glycine, dextrose, sucrose, fructose, and lactose 

Top Dressing:
Top dress up to 1/2 ounce per pig of Baby Pig Restart on the pig starter ration twice a day.
Targeted feeding rate of no more than 1 ounce/pig/day.

Liquid Feeding (Gruel):
Post weaning:
Mix 1 part Baby Pig Restart-APF with 2 parts of water to create a gruel solution. Feed 1/2 gallon of gruel per 20 pigs, three times per day for 2 days. Add starter feed to gruel solution starting with small amount the first feeding and gradually increase each feeding.

Weight to Volume Conversion: 1/2 ounce by weight of Restart APF = 1 fluid ounce by volume


2 lb Bag/12 bags/pail   Control No. 10518-187
25 lb. Pail                   Control No. 10518-186

Available in the U.S. and select countries worldwide

Baby Pig Restart photo

Weaning can be a traumatic experience for a young pig. The sweet taste of Baby Pig Restart draws pigs in transition to dry feed, ensuring that each piglet gets the additional nutrients and energy needed to help avoid starve outs and stunting. For young pigs, Baby Pig Restart provides plasma which is a functional protein that helps support the intestine. All pigs, at any stage of transition, can benefit from the added electrolytes and acidification as a way to provide energy and help balance the gut pH. For over 20 years, veterinarians and producers have used Baby Pig Restart to provide multiple energy sources, vitamins, electrolytes, high levels of plasma proteins, and milk ingredients when pigs are weaned or when initially exposed to dry feed.
Baby Pig Restart can be fed in multiple ways. Use Baby Pig Restart in the farrowing room in pans to provide challenged litters critical nutrients and to help prevent starve outs or stunting. Top dress Baby Pig Restart on starters to entice young pigs to consume dry feed after weaning. Add to gruel to provide added energy and nutrients to help reduce fall behinds when pigs are weaned.

•  Top dress on starters to entice young pigs to consume dry feed after weaning
•  Add to gruel to provide added energy and nutrients to reduce fall behinds when pigs are weaned
•  Use in the farrowing room in pens to provide challenged litters with critical nutrients to help prevent starve outs or stunting 






Electrolytes, Acidification, Plasma, Proteins, Dried Skim and Whey, Probiotics