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Get your baby pigs started off right, with TechMix


In the first few days of life, baby pigs encounter metabolic and digestive stresses as they change environments, diet and generally adapt to life. The TechMix line of supplements contains combinations of nutrients like electrolytes, multiple energy sources, and acidification—all designed to help support hydration status, promote a healthy digestive environment, and encouraging nutrient intake at critical times. We also have a line of drying agents that help provide a dry and warm environment right after birth.

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Our innovative, nutrient-rich hydration products,
are science-designed for osmolarity, tonicity and
acidification to optimize nutrient absorption
at the cellular level.
Now that’s smarter hydration.

Programs designed to help the young pig thrive.

Weaned Pig Hydration
Pig Hydration
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3E Weaned Pig Fundamentals
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